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A survival horror drama by Ghost.

Plot SummaryEdit

Vince Garcia is a troubled man plagued by a low paying job, his advancing years, a recent divorce and a teenage daughter who he struggles to connect with. Rachel Garcia, recently turned sixteen her life is a mess, her grades are slipping, she struggles to show both her parents equal attention after their divorce, among other things. All of it adds up into severe depression which she hides from her loved ones. Lindsey Wallace is a young reporter, trying to make a breaking story. She carries the wit and deduction of her retired police detective father and uses this to her advantage. She is currently following the case of a deranged killer mutilating prostitutes in the Tallahassee area. Trevor Murray is on holiday from college in California. He has returned to Florida to reconnect with his childhood friends and estranged father.





For a full list of characters and their status' look here Evil Things/Characters


  • Evil Things' theme is The Sniper At The Gates Of Heaven by The Black Angels.
  • Additionally the story is named after a Black Angels song.
  • Two stories served as inspiration and influence for Evil Things, The Walking Dead and I Am Legend.
  • Evil Things is a re-boot of World After Death.
  • The logo was created by CamTheWoot