Elizabeth Caitlyn Manmorhoff
Book one elizabeth caitlyn manmorhoff
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 49
Occupation Scientist at Electricon Company
Family Alexander Turtoise Manmorhoff Jr. - Husband
Febbyolla Manmorhoff - Daughter
Mickey Manmorhoff - Son
Christina Manmorhoff - Daughter
Olivera Manmorhoff - Brother-In-Law
Angelica Manmorhoff - Sister-In-Law
Jameson Manmorhoff - Father-In-Law
Alexander Turtoise Manmorhoff Sr. - Father-In-Law(Deceased)
First Appearance Prologue
Status Alive
Series lifespan Prologue - present

Elizabeth Caitlyn Manmorhoff nicked; 'Cait' by her friends, is one of the main characters on Phases Series by Bernadus Andrew. She is the wife of Alexander Turtoise Manmorhoff Jr, and mother of her three children, Febbyolla Manmorhoff, Mickey Manmorhoff, Christina Manmorhoff. She is also one of the 6 scientists who made the MILI Potions. She is strong, and smart, but somehow her ego leave something to be desired.


Came from a dysfunctional family, she married a guy named; Alexander Turtoise Manmorhoff. Eventually the two have three children, Febbyolla, Mickey, and Christina. After she started working on the "Mili Potions" project, she spent times on work more than with her three children. Not wanting their children to be abandoned, Turtoise willingly dropped out from his work as the head of Ideliela Salas Police Department for his children, leaving him as the wife of the house, while his wife working as the husband of the family.


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