Status Dead
Age Late 30's
Gender Female
Death Devoured by a zombified Samantha
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation School counselor

"Look, honey, I have a family. They might be in danger. My job is to save them and bring them here. It won't take long

Eileen is a character in Rot and Rise. She is a school counselor who is constantly overreacting and getting too worried for normal situations. At school, she is known for being peaceful but sometimes rough when a student does something wrong. Eileen likes to boss people around, as she feels like she is important and has smart ideas to contribute with. She has three daughters at home. 


Eileen worked as a school counselor, and is a single mother of three. That has made her tough and sometimes easily irritated. At work, she bosses teachers and staff around, feeling like she is a good leader. When a student gets to school late, does something wrong or simply doesn't dress well, she punishes them. 


When she sees her job fall apart as both students and faculty die all around, she freezes and tries to process everything going on. From a distance, Alice calls her, telling her to help her out with reviving Mr. Damon. She doesn't want to ignore her, but she simply can't move. Finally, she comes to her senses and runs to get the man inside the building to protect him from the danger. When he wakes up, she tries to boss the group around, trying to make them go along with her to her house, where she would check if her daughters are okay. She goes outside, and sees her zombified daughter. She breaks down crying, and is slowly bitten and devoured by her. Alice tries to help her, but Eileen simply doesn't move.


Killed ByEdit

  • Zombies

When she sees her zombified daughter, Eileen is terrified. She freezes and stands there, in terror. Whne Alice comes to her aid, Eileen tries to hug her daughter, who instantly bites a chunk of her shoulder off. Eileen falls to the ground and bleeds out.

Killed VictimsEdit



Volume 1: A Whole New World:

  • Issue 1
  • Issue 2 (Death)
  • Issue 3: A Few Good Men (Mentioned)
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