Duncan Winter
Duncan winter
Status Unknown
Age 51
Gender Male
First Seen Prologue Part 1
Last Seen N/A
Relations Dennis Winter - Son
Suzy Winter - Daughter
Marie Winter - Wife
Ethnicity English
Occupation Lawyer (Pre-Apocalypse)

Till death do us part

- Duncan's words after killing a reanimated Marie

Duncan Winter is a main character in Rot. He first appears in Season 1 Episode 1. He is the father of Dennis and Suzy. He is also the husband to Marie.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Duncan is an average looking 51 year old male. He has very short dark grey hair and brown eyes. He is slightly over-weight and has not got any facial hair. He always appears clean and tidy. This gives ff the impression he is a clean freak.

Personality Edit

Duncan is extremely protective over his family, especially his wife and daughter. If anyone threatens or is violent any of his family he will go to extreme measures to protect them. He is more protective over his daughter than his son.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Before the apocalypse Duncan worked as a lawyer. He lived with his Wife, Son and Daughter. Not much else is know.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Suzy Winter (Undead) - Duncan kills Suzy after she reanimates
  • Marie Winter (Undead) - Duncan kills Marie after she reanimates

Trivia Edit

  • Duncan was originally going to be called Aled

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