Duncan Green
Twin duncan
Status Dead
Age Late 20's
Gender Male
First Seen Survival Of The Fittest
Last Seen No Going Back (Corpse)
Relations Dennis Green - Brother (Deceased)
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

"It feels great. Killing. Making sure your prey suffer. But you already know that... You've done it before..."
—Duncan to Pete.[src]

Duncan Green is a character first encountered in A New Life Season Two. He is the identical twin brother of Dennis, and serves as the right hand men of Bandit Jasper alongside his brother.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Being the identical twin brother of Dennis, Duncan haves pretty much the exact same appearance as his brother. He is described as being very muscular, and having short black hair, a stubble, and blue eyes. The only actual difference between their appearances is the scar that Duncan has under his right eye

Personality Edit

Duncan can be described as the exact opposite of his brother. While Dennis is calm and patient, Duncan is completely explosive and nearly insane. He shows signs of sadism, enjoying see people suffering, sometimes even taking part on it. He is also very sarcastic, with an acid sense of humor that can be really upsetting to some people.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

After the showdown with the Atlanta Scavengers, Duncan and his brother are seen on rooftops, possibly looting buildings, when they coincidentally overhear the name of Barry, the one who killed a fellow member of the bandits. They follow the group to their home and then goes back to the bandit base to warn Jasper.

Later on, at the middle of the night, Duncan is the first bandit to step out of the hummers. He takes his AK-47 from the car and gets ready to start spraying shots, but is stopped by his brother, as they weren't given permission. Before any of the two can do something, however, Jasper takes the gun and opens fire himself.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Duncan has killed:

  • Steve
  • Bill
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people.

Death Edit

Killed By:

After ambushing Pete, Leon and Angela, Duncan and his brother lose their weapons to the trio. Duncan starts taunting Pete, saying that he doesn't have what it takes to kill him. Pete quickly responds by shooting Duncan in the eye, killing him

Trivia Edit

  • Duncan's theme is Berzerk by Eminem.
  • Duncan's name was originally considered to be changed, as another character, who was also an identical twin, already had it before. However, the name "Duncan" was kept by the author.
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