Curtis Huston
Curtis Huston
Status Alive
Age 47
Gender Male
First Seen Issue 4
Last Seen N/A
Created by GhostWolf716
Relations Unknown
Ethnicity African-American
Occupation Drug Dealer

"You know, I mostly work alone. I've experienced a fair amount of rats in my time, and I could go fine without more. Don't think you and me are pals. You gotta earn my respect. And even when you do, I'll still be watching you. Understood?"
—Kurt to Clint.[src]

Curtis Huston or, Kurt is a character in Blood Brothers. He is a drug dealer in Bayston with a dark past who has an intimidating reputation to others.


Despite his intimidating appearance and reputation, Curtis is a very nice man, respecting all people as long as they show him an equal amount of respect. However he is no saint, he takes no issue in killing and hurting others to get what he wants. Hes also very distrustful of others, the reason he prefers to work alone. However once he gets to know someone he will hold them as close as he would any other friend.

Killed VictimsEdit


Marlon WoodEdit

"MARLON! You little shit! I thought I could trust you! And now you keep my friend hostage?!"
—Kurt to Marlon.[src]

Marlon knows Kurt, and introduces Clint to him, believing they are very alike. Marlon and Kurt's relationship isn't much explored, but it is assumed they are good friends.

Clint EvansEdit

"Well, thanks for having my back, Clint. I was wrong about doubting you. So give me a call if you need any help with something or you in trouble or something, and I'll have your back."
—Kurt to Clint.[src]

Curtis doubted Clint at first, but after joining him on the cocaine robbery, Kurt gained respect for Clint.


Volume One: Clean And SereneEdit


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