Airline Flight 276 is expected for one normal trip across the Atlantic, but soon that dream is shattered as the plane goes down onto a mysterious island. On this island, several of the remaing passangers will face with a mysterious tribe, packs of wild beasts, the infection that spreads from the corpses of dead bodies, and each other.

Divorced Father, Michael Anderson is one of the many passangers and survivors along with his daughter Gwen Anderson, who was sepreated from Michael as an infant, so Gwen never knew Michael, but soon after her Mom's tragic suicide along with the abandondment of her step-dad, Gwen was sent out to live with Michael by the nearby Police Department. Lara Morez, the daughter of a highlt respected Military Father, soon when Lara's dad returned from the war he became abusive, so Lara had killed him, Lara has spent the past few years running from the law, hiding her past from anyone. Jackson Pace, a southern man with a selfish attitude who is to manly to work with the other survivors, Jackson son of abusive father and step-mother had ran away from home one night and spent the rest three years running from place to place, soon Jackson was adopted and was provided with care, these survivors plus many more will have to learn to work together without killing each other so they can face the one dangerous tribe on the island.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1 - Pilot

Episode 2 - Confusion

Episode 3 - Lost

Episode 4 - Smokey the Bear

Episode 5 - Crazy Dog

Episode 6 - Old Man Timber

Season 2Edit

Episode 1 - Smoking's A Bitch

Episode 2 - Secrets

Episode 3 - Old Friends, New Enemies

Episode 4 - Watch the Sunset

Episode 5 - You Might Think I'm Crazy

Episode 6 - Eyes of the Jungle

Episode 7 - Circles

Episode 8 - Isolation

Episode 9 - Cage

Episode 10 - Pain

Episode 11 - Search

Episode 12 - Proper Gun Control

Episode 13 - Letting Go

Episode 14 - Take My Hand

Season 3Edit

Episode 1 - Infection

Episode 2 - Keep On

Episode 3 - Time of Dying

Episode 4 - Broken Heart

Episode 5 - Not Alone

Episode 6 - All In

Episode 7 - All or Nothing

Episode 8 - Ghost Stories

Episode 9 - The Hunted

Episode 10 - Jungle Rot

Episode 11 - Numbers

Episode 12 - Blood and Iron

Episode 13 - Blood Brothers

Episode 14 - Whatever Happens Next

Episode 15 - Not Alone

Season 4Edit

Episode 1- The Fallen Angel

Episode 2 - Second Sun

Episode 3 - Charlie Don't Surf

Episode 4 - The Sins of our Father

Episode 5 - One Shot, One Kill

Episode 6 - Payback

Episode 7 - Revelations

Episode 8 - Redemption

Episode 9 - Enemy of my Enemy

Episode 10 - Suffer With Me

Episode 11 - Loose Ends

Episode 12 - Collapse

Episode 13 - Dust to Dust


Full list of Crashed Characters

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