This is the fifth and penultimate issue of Volume One: Clean And Serene.

Clint pulled up the car he had borrowed from Neil in front of Kurt's house. He felt his phone ring. It was Marlon. Clint sighed, and answered.

"Yo, nigga! Wanna come over, have a drink?" Marlon asked, enthusiastically.

"Uh... sorry, dude, I'm at Kurt's now, we were gonna do something..."

"Oh..." Marlon responded, disappointed.

"Well, hit me up when you got time?"

"Sure, see ya." Clint said, before hanging up.

Clint got out of the vehicle, and walked up to Kurt's door and knocked three times, like last time.

Kurt opened, smoking a cigarette.

"Oh, here already. Come in." he simply said, walking into the living room.

Clint followed him, and saw Kurt standing by the kitchen counter in the other room, pouring whiskey into two glasses.

He gave one to Clint, who thanked him, as he took a sip.

Kurt took the whole glass in one shot, and put the glass on the table along with all the other stuff on it.

"Alright, here's what's gonna go down,"

"I owe that dude Pedro, you remember that guy, more drugs." he started.

"I thought you delivered a big package last time?" Clint asked.

"I've borrowed some in my time."

"Okay, so what's up?"

"So, we're gonna go to a place down on Page Avenue. Some spaniards have been keeping a shipment of brown safe in a truck inside a garage. We go in, steal the truck, take it to Pedro's lockup, and we're done." Kurt explained.

"What if they find us stealing it?" Clint asked.

"I've thought of that. We're going heavy, I've got each of us a powerful assault rifle each. Also this for you," Kurt handed Clint a piece of body armor for his chest.

"Alright, seems good. When do we go?"

"I'd say in about an hour or two. Until then, get changed in something black, it'll be harder to see in the dark. Meet me back here when you ready." Kurt said.

"Got it. See you soon."

Clint arrived back home, and walked in the door. He was greeted by Patrick and Neil who had just taken some drugs of some sort.

"Heeeey!! It's so good to see you man!" Patrick said, happy like never before, giving Clint a hug.

"Uh, hey, Patrick," Clint said awkwardly.

"Listen, I'm just here to get changed. I'll be going soon."

"Damn... that's too bad man..." Neil said sadly, before bursting into laughter, leading into Patrick also laughing hysterically.

Clint shook his head and made his way to the wardrobe, where he put on a black track jacket and black shoes. His pants were already black, so he were covered on that part. He also brought a black ski mask.

He jogged back to the car, and drove back to Kurt's place.

Kurt were sitting on the porch, this time smoking a cigar.

Clint pulled up in the driveway, and Kurt nodded, and walked inside, with Clint following.

"Okay, good, you're all covered." Kurt said, he were also wearing a black outfit.

"So, the guns are all loaded, I've installed a flashlight modification on em in case it gets too dark. You ready to head out?"

"You bet. Let's go."

Clint and Kurt got in Kurt's car, which was a dark gray sedan, similar to a 1972 cadillac.

The drive over to Page Avenue took about fifteen minutes. Kurt pulled the car over in an alleyway a little ways from the garage.

"We'll walk the rest of the distance, if things get nasty, you know where the getaway is." Kurt said, handing Clint his rifle.

Clint put on his ski mask.

"Smart." Kurt commented, as he put on his hood.

They sneaked along the large wooden fence protecting the garages. Kurt stopped and did a hand gesture for Clint to stop as well.

"Remember, don't use the flashlight unless we know it's clear." Kurt whispered.

Clint nodded.

Kurt poked his head around and looked for any sign of gang members.

"Looks clear, stay on me." Kurt whispered, as he raised his rifle, and walked in the yard.

He looked around thoroughly and took cover behind a nearby car. Clint followed quickly.

"You see that yellow-marked garage right there? That's the one. They like to do gang signs."

"So how do we get in? Surely they don't leave it open?"

"No. They're not that stupid. We have two options. Find the guy with the key, or break the lock. The first one would be preferable, but difficult, as we have no clue who the guy is, or if he even is around. The second option is more risky, but quick. If they indeed are around, they might hear it and we're in the shit. What you wanna do?"

What will Clint and Kurt do? (Please read the issue before voting)

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"Break it. The chances of finding the key is too small, plus we don't have much time." Clint said,

"Yeah, you're right. Okay, watch my back." Kurt got up, looked around quickly, and walked fast over to the garage.

Clint scoped the area out with his gun, not seeing much else than darkness.

Kurt raised his gun, and hit the lock with the butt of his rifle, causing a loud "clank" destroying the lock.

"That went easier than expected." Kurt said.

Not long after, foreign yelling were heard in the distance.

"SHIT! They're on to us. Hold them off, I need to hotwire this thing!" Kurt shouted, as he smashed the car window with his gun, and gained access to the truck.

Two armed gang members turned up, and searched the area. Clint took advantage of the darkness, and quickly shot one of them in the head. The other one panics, and Clint shoots him as well. 

Clint ran and took cover behind the same car they hid behind before. Some more gang members turned up, and started shooting at Clint's cover.

The goons kept shooting at Clint, shooting out the windows on the car, along with creating numerous bullet holes in the car.

Clint moved to behind the hood of the car and rested the gun on top of it to gain accuracy. He turned on the flashlight modification, and aimed at each of the goons.

The goons were mildly blinded by the direct light contact of the flashlight, making it hard for them to indentify Clint.

Clint fired, and gunned down the clumped up gang members, as they started retreating.

"I'm done, let's go!" Kurt yelled from the truck.

Clint turned the flashlight off, and ran towards the truck and got in the passenger's seat.

Kurt backed the truck up, and drove out on the road.

"You think they will be coming after us?" Clint asked.

Kurt looked in the rearview mirror.

"Look for yourself."

Clint rolled down the window and looked behind, and saw two SUV's following them.

Bullets flew by Clint's face as he quickly got back in. He took a deep breath and held the gun out the window and fired, using the side mirror to help him aim.

He eventually hit one of the cars' tires, making it spin out of control and crash with another car. The other SUV speeded up next to the truck on Kurt's side.

Kurt grunted, and span the wheel to the left, crashing into the SUV, making it lose course and crash as well.

"WOO!" Kurt exclaimed in adrenaline.

"Damn! You crazy, man!" Clint laughed.

"I'll tell ya, I've never felt so alive. I had a good feeling about you, Clint, you a good dude. Now let's get this bad boy to Pedro's."

Kurt and Clint arrived at Pedro's lockup, where Pedro and his bodyguard, Pablo was waiting.

They drove truck inside the garage, in which Pedro opened the back.

A big crate was in the middle, in which Pablo opened, giving Pedro a sample.

Pedro inspected the bag of coke closely, and smiled.

Kurt and Clint walked over to him.

"Here it is, Pedro. Now this is the last one, aight? No more dirty work." Kurt said with a finger in Pedro's face.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it." Pedro laughed, pushing Kurt's finger away.

"Hey, got yourself an errand boy, old timer? Saw him on the last delivery."

"This is Clint. Acquaintance of Marlon. Good man." Kurt said.

"Good to meet ya, Clint. As you know, I'm Pedro. Professional mexican. This is my right-hand-man-he'll-fuck-you-up, Pablo." 

Pablo gave a slight nod.

"Listen, if you're after some jobs, and wanna get paid, come see me, alright? Give Pablo a call and we'll set something up." Pedro grinned.

"Sure, thanks." Clint said, shaking Pedro's hand.

"PABLO!" Pedro yelled with his finger in the air.

"Taaaake me home!" he sat himself inside the red sedan.

Pablo shrugged, and got in the car and drove off.

20 minutes later

Clint and Kurt got out of the taxi.

"Well, thanks for having my back, Clint. I was wrong about doubting you. So give me a call if you need any help with something or you in trouble or something, and I'll have your back." Kurt said.

"Thanks Kurt, glad I could help. Well, I gotta get home now, later."

"See ya."

Clint got inside Neil's car, and drove on home.

Clint parked in the driveway, and locked the car doors.

He walked up to the door, and got inside the house.

It was dark, with no sign of Frankie, Neil or Patrick.

"Hello?" Clint yelled, as he made his way to the living room.


"Don't fuckin' move." Clint heard behind him, as he felt something butt against his head.

Clint looked straight forward.

"Who are you?"

"Nigga's tryin' to sound tough!" a well-known figure came out of the kitchen. It was one of Marlon's thugs.

"What the..." Clint turned around.

The other thug, the one who usually opened the door for Marlon, were aiming a sawed-off shotgun at Clint.

"You gotta be kidding me."

"Take his weapons!" the armed thug ordered the other one.

The thug frisked Clint for his pistol and wallet.

"This is all of it."

"I'll take that." The armed thug said, taking the wallet.

"Fuck you." Clint said disgusted.

"Come on, down to the basement with your friends you go." the thug said, pushing Clint with his shotgun.



  • Numerous spanish gang members


  • This is the first issue with a poll for the readers to decide something in the story.
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