This is the second issue of Volume One: Clean And Serene.

Clint slowly opened his eyes and rubbed them. He sat up in the couch, and looked over to the bed, which was empty. He looked at his watch. The time showed 08:11 AM. Clint got dressed, and walked up the stairs from the basement, as faint rap music and weed smell became stronger. As he arrived in the living room, Frankie noticed him.

"Hey, there he is. Patrick said you'll join us?" Frankie said, loading a micro-uzi.

"Yeah. What will be going down?" Clint asked.

"Damn. You a straight forward dude. I like that," Frankie grinned.

"We're meeting some kinda polish gang down by the docks. We're selling them some good top-notch coke from our guy, Marlon. Though, these dudes are sketchy, goes around in red and white to represent their country's colors and shit. Leader goes by the name Eliasz. I don't trust 'em by a second. That's why we're bringing these." Frankie said while inspecting his machine pistol.

"We'll take these fuckers out if he have to. They're a sly band of bastards." Neil said.

Patrick handed an M9 to Clint.

"Here. We all gotta be prepared."

Clint accepted it, and checked its mags.

"Thanks. Shall we go?"

Frankie nodded.

"Yeah, let's move."

The four got in the car, and started driving towards the docks.

"I gotta say, I'm still surprised you joined just like that, Clint. I thought you always were the good kid." Patrick said with a light chuckle.

"I am too, believe it or not. But, I don't know... maybe I just wanna get away from the boring life for once. I mean, I'm no junkie, and I don't wanna become one, but I'll manage. I was a decent shot in the army, so I'll have some use at least." Clint said.

"That's good. We're almost here, so get ready." Frankie said, as he took a left turn down to the harbor.

They drove towards the harbor, where they saw four men, dressed in red and white. The one who looked like the leader had short black hair and a white jacket with a red undershirt.

"That must be Eliasz." Neil said, as they parked up.

The four got out of the vehicle, and walked towards the gang.

Eliasz looked around for a little bit, and took a step forward, with his arms in cross.

"You got the coke?" he said in a broken american accent.

Frankie fished up the bag of cocaine from his back pocket.

"It's right here. Cash?"

A large man with a red jacket with a white stripe, held foward a closed suitcase.

Another man spoke something in polish to Eliasz, which Eliasz replied in polish back.

Frankie gave Eliasz a doubtful look.

"There, uh... are some complications." Eliasz said.

"What is it?" Clint asked.

Eliasz opened the suitcase, which contained nothing but a pistol.

"You aren't getting our money" Eliasz said, as he loaded the pistol.

"Shit!" Neil yelled, as the four dove into cover.

Clint and Neil were behind some wooden crates, Frankie behind some barrels, and Patrick behind the car.

The four polish men fired several shots, as they also took cover.

Clint stood up, shot three rounds, and managed to hit the polish man with a black hat, before he took cover again.

"Damn! Nice shot, Clint." Neil complimented Clint.

Frankie peeked from the side of the barrels and fired his micro-uzi, and managed to hit one of the tires on the polish gang's car. Though, as soon as a bullet grazed the barrel, he went back in cover.

"Fuck, is there any way outta here?!" Patrick shouted from behind the car, as he fired some blind shots.

Clint carefully looked over at the other side, where he saw a couple of propan gas bottles nearby the car.

He aimed, and shot at them, missing the first few shots. He quickly went back in cover.

Eliasz realized what Clint were trying, and hurried from his cover into the car.

"He's getting away!" Neil shouted.

Frankie grunted, and stood up.

He noticed the large man with the suitcase had stood up as well.

"Motherfuckers!!" the man shouted, firing shotgun shells at Frankie while walking towards him in the open.

Frankie aimed his uzi and shot the man clean in the head.

"Was he suicidal or some shit? Come on! We gotta go after Eliasz, he can't inform his boss!" Frankie yelled, as he got in the car with the rest.

There was one man left, the one who conversed in polish with Eliasz. He had a pistol as well, who he shot at them.

"Do a drive-by on him!" Neil said.

"Alright, gun it." Patrick told Frankie, who hit the gas.

Patrick rolled down the window, and whilst the car passed the man, Patrick shot at the man, hitting his chest.

"I think I got him!" Patrick said, cheerfully.

"Nice, now just this son of a bitch." Frankie said, trying to focus on Eliasz, who has just started driving.

Eliasz was about to take a left turn, but the flat tire made the car turn uncontrollably.

He swore in polish, as he tried to get control of the vehicle, but with no luck. The car ultimately crashed into a telephone pole, making the airbag blow up in Eliasz' face.

The wheels of Frankie's Ford schreeched as he braked. They all got out of the car. Clint took the lead, and checked the car.

Eliasz sat there, alive, but didn't do anything. Like he'd given up hope.

"Kill me. Finish me. I'm dead no matter what. Whatever happens, Szymon will kill you all. He will-" Eliasz was interrupted when Frankie shot a bullet in his head.

"Come on. Let's go." Neil said, as the four walked towards their car.

Frankie sat on the couch in his living room, drinking from a whiskey bottle and smoking a blunt.

Clint sat down next to him.

"Want one, bro?" Frankie asked, holding his blunt.

"I'm good." Clint responded, doing a denying hand gesture.

"Fuck, man. We're done." Frankie said, as he took a drag.

"What do you mean?" Clint asked.

"The guy Eliasz talked about. Szymon. He's a dangerous motherfucker. He's gonna find out we killed his crew, and he'll be after us."

"We'll take him down." Clint said.

"You cold, man. That's nice. I never expected someone from Patrick's family to be tough. I like you man, you a good dude." Frankie said, as he laughed. His eyes were red.

"Yeah, uh... thanks." Clint said, unsure.

"Anyway. If Szymon finds us, I can count on you, right?" Frankie asked.

"You can count on me."




  • First and last appearance of Eliasz.
  • First and last appearance of Michal.
  • First and last appearance of Mateusz.
  • First and last appearance of Wiktor.
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