This is the first issue of Volume One: Clean And Serene.

A large thump was heard as the plane landed its wheels on the runway. Clint felt sucked into his seat, with the force of the plane braking. Clint looked over to his brother, who was still sleeping beside him. Clint shook him lightly.

"Patrick, wake up."

Patrick let out a snort and got up from his awkward sleeping position in his seat and rubbed his eyes.

"Damn... my neck hurts..." he said, rubbing his neck.

The plane took a left turn, and slowed down. It parked next to terminal 37.

The brothers remained seated until they heard a beep, as the seatbelt sign went off. The plane was filled with the sounds of clicking of seatbelt buckles being released, babies crying and people talking.

Clint got up, and waited for the large old man sitting in the seat next to the aisle to get up. The man folded his newspaper, and put it under his armpit, and got his suitcase.

"This always takes forever..." Patrick said negatively.

Clint ignored him and kept his eyes forward, waiting for the line to move.

The line slowly started moving, and Clint hurried into an available spot, and took down his and Patrick's bag.

Patrick got up and stretched, and followed Clint out of the plane as the line moved along.

Patrick took his bag, and they made their way out of the plane and out of the airport.

Outside the airport exit, Clint sat down his bag and inhaled the cold air.

"Finally in Bayston." he said to himself.

Patrick squinted at the sun, which was getting directly in his eyes.

"Yo, Patrick!" a voice said.

Patrick turned around, to see a rather pale man, probably in his late 20's. He had a stubbled beard and wore a black hat. He also had a black earring in his left ear.

"Hey, Frankie, what's up?" Patrick said, as he gave him a bro-hug.

"Eh, not much. I heard you two were coming to town so I decided to stop by."

"Yeah, Clint, this is Frankie. Frankie Lewis. He's an old friend." Patrick said.

"Nice to meet you, man." Frankie said to Clint, shaking his hand.

"Likewise." Clint responded.

"Listen, so..." Frankie looked around.

"...You're still interested in that coke, right?" he whispered to Patrick.

Clint heard what he said.

"Wait... what? Patrick you're not getting involved in this shit are you?"

"No, no. It's fine, Clint. I'm not that extreme. Just like to get off every once in a while."

"Anyway, shall we roll?" Frankie asked.

"Yeah, let's go." Patrick said.

"Wait, where are we going?" Clint asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, um... I... didn't find an apartment for us to live in. We're living at Frankie's house. For the meantime." Patrick said unsure.

"For fucks sake, Patrick..." Clint sighed.

"Alright, fine. Let's go."

The two brothers followed Frankie over to a red Ford Tempo.

"Alright, I'll take your luggage." Frankie offered, as he put the bags in the back.

"THIS is your car?" Patrick asked.

"Not the best, but it does the job." Frankie explained.

The three got in the car, and Frankie started the engine, and drove out on the highway.

"...So, you live far from here?" Clint asked.

"Not really. Probably ten minutes away from here."

There were some silence.

"So, what brings you boys to Bayston?" Frankie asked.

"Grew tired of NY. Wanted a new start, y'know. A lot of shit happened back in that city that I just wanna forget. And, I thought this city would be the solution." Clint responded.

Frankie laughed.

"Good luck with that. This city is a pile of shit. Ah, well. One to their own, I guess."

"Hey, um... You got space for us, right?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah, sure. One of you gotta sleep on the couch, though. Neil occupies the other bed."

"Neil?" Clint asked.

"Yeah, he's my boyfriend. Lives together with me. Anyway, we should be right around the corner now."

Frankie parked outside a brick house, where they were greeted by a skinny fellow in a grey tank top.

"Hey, you brought some guests?" he asked.

"Yeah, they're cool, Neil. This is Patrick and his brother, Clint." Frankie said, introducing the two.

"Hey, guys. I'm Neil. Welcome to the neighborhood."

The four went inside, and left their bags in the hall. The place was pretty messy, with empty beer cans, pizza boxes, and clothes on the floor. The place was also slightly filled with smoke.

"This is where we're gonna live?" Clint said, disappointed.

"Hey, take it or leave it. You're welcome to sleep outside if you want to." Frankie said.

"No thanks."

"Alright, then. I'll show you guys where you'll sleep."

After the two brothers had settled and night came upon them, they went to bed, with Clint on the couch and Patrick in an actual bed.

"So... what happens next?" Patrick asked from the bed.

"Well, we gotta get a job eventually, I guess. We can't live on Frankie and Neil all the time." Clint said.

"Yeah, um... I kinda already have a job." Patrick said.

Clint raised one eyebrow.

"Don't tell me it is what I think it is..."

Patrick sighed.

"Look. Me and Frankie are meeting some guys by the harbor tomorrow to do a deal. It's nothing serious, just a couple dudes."

"I'll come with you. I don't want you to get killed out there."

Patrick was surprised.

"You- You're fine with me dealing drugs? Like, cocaine?"

"I'm by no means willing to take drugs. Neither do I WANT to get involved with it. But you're my brother, and the least I want to is that you get killed out there, because I know I can't change your mind on this."

"Thanks, Clint. It... It means a lot." Patrick smiled.

"Don't mention it." Clint said, as he went to sleep.



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Next Issue: Issue 2

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