Barry Stevens



Status Dead
Age Early to Mid-30's (Season 1)
Gender Male
First Seen Together We Survive
Last Seen Do Or Die (Alive)
Friendly Fire (Corpse)
Apartment 3C (Dream)
Death Executed by Jasper
Relations Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Biker Outlaw

"Maybe. I don't know, I don't keep track of every woman I put my dick into. Why? Is your wife pregnant or something?"
—Barry to Jasper, after being asked if he has any kids.[src]

Barry Stevens is a main character of A New Life. He is the leader of the group Pete joins in the early stages of the apocalypse. On first view, one can call Barry arrogant and authoritarian, but once you are around him for some time you discovers his soft side.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Barry is a strong and built, but not muscular man. He is shaved bald, as seeing in Season 2 when his hair starts to grow back again. Barry has a tribal tattoo on his left arm. He also frequently uses a leather jacket with his Biker Gang symbol on the back, except when is too hot.

Personality Edit

Barry is a realistic, strict and serious man who takes the safety of his people very seriously. Too seriously, according to some of his group members. One first sight he can be real harsh and even cruel to some people, but if you manage to break through his hardened shell, you will see that he can be friendly and caring.
Barry is very protective of the people in the camp, especially the women, and is willing to give even his own life to protect his group members.

Pre Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Barry's life before the outbreak, other than he was part of a Biker Gang.

Death Edit

Killed By:

After tracking down Barry's group, Jasper proceeds to explain how Barry killed his son. He then decides to randomly kill someone in a Russian Roulette game, Barry being the victim of the luck.

Killed Victims Edit

This lists shows the victims Barry has killed:

Trivia Edit

  • Barry's theme is Drink With The Living Dead, by Ghoultown.
  • Barry is the first character to have his own special.
  • Barry owns his own motorcycle.
  • He is good with guns, carrying his signature Browning Hi-Power, but prefers to use a crowbar when facing zombies.
  • Barry's character was originally inspired by Telltale Games The Walking Dead's character Roman.
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