At the Royce is an apocalyptic story written by Juanmaseta. It follows a small group of survivors who struggle to keep their sanity in a world where the dead rule and the living must follow. These people must stick together and ignore their differences to resist an early curtain call. At the Royce is set in the same universe as Rot and Rise. 


Holed up in a falling theater, the clouded past of a whole company finally comes to light. With no way to leave or forget their dreadful experiences, every single one of them must to whatever they can to save themselves from completely falling down the pit of insanity. 


For a whole list of characters and their statuses, see the cast portal. 


Volume One - The Voices of Moral Authority:


  • At the Royce's theme is Second Hand White Baby Grand from Smash, a television show coincidentially about a disfunctional theatre group.

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