Part 2>

Humanity, sought a funny thing wouldn’t you say? A race capable of creating the things you imagine in your most wildest dreams and the darkest depths of your nightmares, a wonderful though horrifying species, while most people already know this, most also underestimate what it is capable of as they are things imagination simply cannot capture. Outside a wooden lodge, with a wide balcony just above the main entrance which had a walkway just beside it, in the middle of a vast gigantic woods near a large clear blue lake, sat a man known as Vincent Gallegan, who despite all the troubles he had endured in past and the highlights of life he had experienced, had not even the slightest taste of the darkest nor greatest depths his fellow man could achieve.

The man was patiently sat down at the entrance stairs, with watchful bored eyes waiting for something to happen, though he knew these days, he could easily regret such a wish. Eventually a friend of his approached him, with hair and a beard of pure grey along with eyes as blue as the sea, holding a long hunting rifle in each of his hands. As the man approached he spoke with a clear Russian accent, “Hey Vincent, I was thinking about heading out into woods to do some hunting.”

“This about yes…..” Vincent stopped his reply then looked behind and carefully watched the lodge windows before turning back to finish his question, “yesterday’s argument?”

The man nodded, “Just think some fresh air will do me good, would be nice to chat with someone along the way.”

Vincent looked to the right then back at him, “You got Kimiko on watch?”

“Ya, I told her you may be coming with me,” He assured.

Vincent looked around and thought about his options knowing what would be discussed before reaching out his hand and saying, “Alright sure,” as he tooked at one of the rifles.

“Thanks, appreciate it,” The Russian said as Vincent stood up.

“No problem, so where to?” The Russian looked around and briefly pondered on where he would take his friend.

“I was thinking north, heard a lot of commotion last time I went south; I think we better play it safe.”

“You’re the boss.” His friend obliged.

His choice of words were met with disapproval, “Don't say that…”

“Sorry,” Vincent responded, remembering his friend’s disdain for being referred to in such a way. The two then set off into the northern woods.

The two traveled through the forest, passing the lifeful trees, occupied by quiet cold wind

As they traveled, Vincent, looked to his friend and asked, "So you and Kimberly aren't exactly on good terms now eh?"

The man could almost laugh at such an understatement, "That's not exactly how I'd put it."

Vincent got curious, "Well how would you put it?"

It was met with, "Kimberley is half tempted to take her rifle and blow my head off’ is how I'd put it."

He couldn't help but agree with that, “I can't argue against that.  Well you are kinda bringing her husband up often....too often if you ask me.”

The Russian grinded his teeth,  “I can't just stand by as she practically spits on his grave.” Understanding his friend’s anger but not wanting to take a side.

Vincent replied, “I know what she says is cold hearted to say the least, but can you blame her for not wanting to talk about him?“

The Russian understood his point but stayed the course “I can't, but that's not the point, she was shocked for days, then she suddenly starts calling him a coward, you buy that?“

“No, but I think that's her way of coping. I didn't hav--” their conversation was then cut short by the sound of bushes rustling.

The Russian quickly put a finger to his lips “shhh”.

The two carefully moved towards the source of the sound, once they found it, the Russian couldn’t help but sigh at the sight “Ahhh christ a kid, must be just wandering around.” he then looked at his rifle ”Waste of a bullet with just one of them”, then took a look at the jawless child, causing his heart to feel heavy “Vincent, you want to take care of it....still not comfortable with…” Vincent was just as uncomfortable, but he was used to what the world was like with its cruelty, “Alright, I’ve got it”. Slowly Vincent moved around to get behind the nearly lifeless child as he readied his knife, once he got behind it he whistled then forced his knife through its right eye socket just as it turned.  As its corpse hit the ground Vincent, just looked at it unhinged “Gonna have to do it yourself one day Victor.”

Victor knew those words could be true “Assuming I live to see that day.” he then nudged his left shoulder “Come on lets go.” Vincent followed, “On my way.”

Ignoring what just happened, Victor changed the topic “So hows Jack fitting in? Hell of a time to come back to that lucky 7 huh?”  

Vincent looked to the floor briefly as that gave him a rather annoying flashback “Ya, he was already in a bad state when we found him, just 2 days with us and already he sees a argument about someone's suicidal husband who eventually hanged himself....Not exactly the best impression. Kimiko is helping him relax, in her own way”.

Victor’s face just filled with confusion “I really don't understand how her method works, let alone how you're fine with it.”

Vincent smiled acknowledgingly “Heh, well I'm not exactly the jealous type.”

which only confused Victor more, “even so she….”

Vincent laid out his palm “Don't worry about it, its fine. Still though, he's a little distraught.”

Victor looked down to ground “Nothing we can really do about that.” then looked back up with Vincent giving a simple “yeah” in response.

After nearly 15 minutes of solid trekking and silence, Victor wanting to break the mundane atmosphere asked “So ermmm.... where's kimiko in your line of Girlfriends?”

to which Vincent answered “First”

to Victor’s surprise and disbelief “You're joking right?”.

Shaking his head Vincent replied “Nope, my first, had 2 boyfriends before it all... but I'd rather not talk about them.”

Victor realised the topic was already dead “Oh I see, I understand....” after another minute of silence Victor spoke with a full dose of sarcasm “Well that broke the awkwardness.”

sparking a brief laugh out of Vincent “Ya. Nice try at breaking the ice though.” “heh”.

Eventually after nearly a half hour of trekking Vincent caught sight of a deer, “Hey, over there.” Victor hurried to Vincent “great lets…” but before they could even take aim, the sound of multiple machine guns firing scared the deer away and spooked the duo. Victor didn’t recognise the sound of the guns “ What the?!  That wasn't any of our guns!” and immediately ran back towards the lodge “Come on who knows what just got riled up in woods.”

with Vincent following “You don’t have to tell me twice”.

As the two ran back, knowing no doubt what was going to head their direction, a woman in a ragged dress and her flesh decayed burst out of a bush in front of Victor, “shit!” he slided backwards and accidently pulled the trigger of his rifle. As the woman lunged at him, Vincent quickly took aim and fired, scoring a direct head shot, not wasting time he pulled Victor up, while he was pulling back his rifle's bolt “Come on!”.

Back at the lodge on the front  balcony, a average bulit Japanese woman with brown hair down to her shoulders, wearing a brown coat which made her almost blend in with the lodge when seen at from a distance. She was looking down her rifle and watching the entire forest and listening out for the slightest sound, “Doko ni imasu ka?”. She then took aim forwards, the instant she heard the sound of trees and saw a pair of men coming and yelled “Vincent! Victor!”

getting a “Kimiko!” from Victor as he waved his right hand.

Kimiko was relieved but wanted answers “What the hell was the shooting about!?”

Vincent answered “Victor got spooked by one of them, I had no choice! The earlier shooting I have no idea about!”

Victor intervened “Anyway, keep a….” only to get interrupted by Kimiko firing a round to his right “What!?”

Victor rushed to Lodge “Nevermind!”

while Vincent followed “Remember where the spare ammo is darling?”

Kimiko responded “I do!” “Guddo!”

Inside the lodge was a large main room to right, with 2 pillars holding up the 2nd floor, four small tables all pushed together to form a large one with 4 chairs at either side, the rest having been used for firewood, a map could also be seen in the middle of the tables. Upon entering, one could see the stairs heading upwards, straight towards the back balcony, just a little to left. As Vincent and Victor got inside they saw 3 men and a woman inside the main room, armed and ready. One young  man with short brown hair, visibly shaken and clearly fed up, wearing blue baggy jeans and a matching jumper, another man with black hair, wearing black jeans and a shirt with the manger tag on, the last man had amber eyes, along with long brown hair, he wore a black tee-shirt along blue trousers with a worried expression across his face. The woman had as much muscle as two of any of the men put together, her dirty blonde hair was tied back and her freckled face looked towards Victor with suspicion as well as resentment. “What the fuck did you do Victor?”

annoyed he was instantly suspected of being the cause for the now coming undead he didn’t answer “Don’t assume its me just because you’re pissed off.”

the young man groaned “Oh christ, not now”

Vincent didn't want them distracted “Lay off each other for now, we have bigger problems!” pointing outside, after a brief silence accompanied only by Kimiko’s shooting,

Kimberly gave a begrudging “fine”.

Victor also agreed “Ya, you’re right, okay everyone get into positions just as we practiced. Jake  I’m sorry, but you’re new so I’m gonna stick you with Kimberly”

Jake just looked at Kimberly nervously and she looked back saying “Okay, fair enough”, Jake tried not to swallow his fear too loudly.

“Come on you two, positions now!” Victor ordered the others. As the other two went to their positions, one upstairs and other passed them and headed right Victor looked to Vincent “Lets get to the manager’s office. Just to be safe” “okay” the two headed straight there, leaving Jake with Kimberly, seeing Jake was more scared of the woman next to him then the corpses coming, Kimberly stared right into his eyes “Listen kid, I get it, but..” she put both her hands on his shoulders, making sure she had his attention “if you fuck up, I won’t be the one ripping your balls off, it’ll be them. You may be scared of me, but I am not your enemy okay?”

Jake instinctively nodded “Okay”

“Good, just follow my guidelines and you’ll be fine, now come on” the two then quickly ran.

In the small manager’s office, which consisted of a desk with a chair at the front and back, 2 filing cabinets and a trunk on both sides, each with a label on the top, Vincent and were looking through them Victor, Vincent was grabbing bullets while Victor was grabbing side arms. “Here!” victor yelled as he tossed Vincent a pistol , after catching it, he tossed Victor  3 magazine. “Thanks, we better go now, rem...”

“Yes I remember.” Vincent answered before Victor finished his question

“Alright”. The pair then set off to their defence posts. As Vincent got to his position, which was the back balcony, he saw 3 shambling corpses where coming he remarked “Ahhh good, not that many” then swiftly took aim and after 4 shots, the corpses were laying flat on the ground. Before he could even take a breath he heard “Hey if anyone’s not busy I could use some help here!”

he responded “I’m coming” to call for assistance, he ran towards the man wearing the manager’s tag and was slightly irritated at the sight, seeing 5 bodies, 4 still moving. “Oh come on, michelle, there’s hardly that many”

Michelle pointed out “Dude, you could slam a tank right in front of my face and I would still somehow miss it.”

“Touche.”  Vincent acknowledged  

Michelle seeing his lack of good aim brought him to ask “Why don’t I just stand guard inside with an axe or something, encase they get in?”

Vincent explained “We need the whole lodge covered, even if it meant giving a blind man a shotgun, Victor would want full coverage.”

“I’ll ask Victor anyway, I’m wasting lead here”. After Vincent practically did Michelle’s job he ran back to his post but not before hearing a loud screeching, almost scream like growl as he ran, coming from kimiko’s direction “Oh shit” he turned around picked up the pace and saw a charging man in black clothing just as he got to balcony, Kimiko has prioritised it and fired, missing her mark, hitting it’s shoulder, Vincent also missed his shot, hitting it’s neck but the force of impact made it fall to ground, kimiko took another shot as it got up, hitting right on top of it’s temple, remarking  “Got ya!”.

“Stop firing!” Victor yelled. Looking around Vincent and Kimiko saw they was merely 6 left, 2 of which just now coming out from the forest.

The couple ran down to the main room, knowing what Victor’s plan would be. Everyone gathered and grabbed whatever melee weapon they wanted, as they were placed everywhere, encase the worst ever came. Kimberly had Jake put his weapon down “No need, we’ve got it from here, hey..” she then smile to help raise his spirit “ did good kid, thanks for help. You’re a pretty good shot by the way.”

slightly surprised Jake stuttered “ you.”, Victor could only half smile at that sight.

“Hey Victor” Michelle approached “I know why you have me holding a gun, but frankly I can’t hit for shit, I’ll be better off staying inside, axe ready”

Victor responded “I’ll consider it.” he then noticed the manger tag “Why are you… nevermind”. He then noticed the man in the Black tee-shirt pointing at his bat and then outside, “Just a moment Karl” once everyone with exception of Jake was ready, Victor gathered their attention “Alright theres only a handful left, lets go and finish them off”

as they made their way to front door Michelle stated “Now this is how I prefer to fight”

Victor told him “Don’t get cocky”

Michelle just up and smiled replying “Oh the thought never occurred”

Victor wasn’t amused “Do I need to remind you…”

which Michelle quickly noted “Just a joke dude”

Victor was already aware of that “I know, how about we joke about, after we take the heads off the things outside?”

Michelle couldn’t disagree “works for me”

Kimiko quickly took notice of a opportunity “You two lovebirds kiss yet?”

Victor could only look down at the ground in response to sought a question “Oh fuck off”, Vincent, Kimiko and Michelle all held in their laughter. Victor’s next words showed he was rather annoyed “I swear, I hear one more wisecrack.” he then kick the door open knocking a man to ground before he swung his small axe down on it’s head yelling “You’re ending up like him!”

much to Michelle’s amusement “Okay!”.

The rest of the undead were quickly taken care of. Vincent looked around to see if they were any stragglers, reporting "All clear! Can't see a single one"

giving Victor a quick gust of relief "Alright, glad to hear it, everyone let's come back in and catch our breath"

as Kimiko looked around she took notice of the runner she put down, "wait a sec Victor, that one there wearing black ran. I think he may have been one who was shooting earlier."

Victor reasoned, "Mmmm, they was more than one person shooting, that I can gather, so he/she was likely with others. Who ever they were, they must have attracted a lot of them, my shot must have then diverted them towards us"

Kimberly noted the 'my shot' part, "So you did do something"

Victor hoped to stop the argument before it even began "Kim I got jumped and I panicked, I shouldn't have, but I did, everything is taken care of now though, let's drop it"

Kimberly rolled her eyes "Now about you drop it as well then?"

Victor paused at first, subtly growling “Kimberly that’s different.”.

Meanwhile, while Victor and Kimberly argued again, Vincent was searching around the lodge on the off chance a corpse was making its way, just way off in the distance. Suddenly a voice echoed in his mind commenting on how things had finally livened up Vincent shook his head not wanting to hear it, he then caught a glimpse of a flash in distance, he quickly pulled up his rifle, looked down his sight, but couldn’t find a thing, he lowered his rifle and looked forward in wonder. At the same time Michelle went towards Kimiko as she searched the black clothed body, “Camouflage for night? Certainly didn’t wear it for fashion sense.” he then snicker “Maybe you should wait for vincent to enter your room, wearing all black one day”

Kimiko laughed “I think that would scare him, he already has a nervous look whenever…..” Kimiko stopped when she noticed something was painted on back of the hoodie, she flipped it over and saw that what looked to be a white wolf on the back, “What you think this means?”

Michelle looked at it curiously, “I’m thinking he belonged to a gang.”.

Off in the distance someone wearing a dark blue hoodie and sweatpants along with a bandanna covering his mouth, with a white set of teeth painted on it, was watching them through a scope, as he watched he said “Guess we’ll have some new recruits soon”.

Part 2>


  • Dwight (zombified)
  • Jeffrey (Confirmed fate)


  • First appearance of Vincent
  • First appearance of Victor
  • First appearance of Kimiko
  • First appearance of Kimberly
  • First appearance of Jake
  • First appearance of Michelle
  • First appearance of Karl
  • First appearance of Tim O’Neil
  • First and last appearance of Dwight

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