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Plot SummaryEdit

Ashes To Ashes follows an initial set of four POV characters. Frank Jackson, Carter Jackson, Anya and Ivan. The four live in a world where humanity has just started to rebuild itself, though settlements and communities have formed, the environment is still largely unexplored and untamed. They'll face the threat of radiation, mutated creatures and each other.


Ashes to Ashes takes in and around New York city, roughly one-hundred and forty years after a nuclear war devastated the landscape.




  • Ashes to Ashes is a re-boot of the story of the same name from GFF.
    • It was also a short-lived reboot on FFL.
  • This second re-boot shares the same characters as the first FFL reboot, but plot wise it is completely different.
  • Cam made the banner.
  • Ashes to Ashes' theme is "Bad Vibrations" by The Black Angels.

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