Angela Williams



Status Alive
Age 25 years (Season 1)
Gender Female
First Seen The Beginning (Dream)
Hope (Physical Appearance)
Last Seen N/A
Relations Peter Daniels Mitchell - Boyfriend
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Unknown

"I don't think that. I know that. What he's going through, he shouldn't be doing this... Hiding all his pain behind that stupid smile of his... Behind that strong look on his face... I can't imagine what would actually be his face if he let it out... He's suffering with this, more than any of us. And I'm scared, Leon. I'm scared that at some point he's not going to be able to hold it inside himself anymore. That he's just going to snap, let it all out at the same time... God only knows what could happen if he loses his mind..."
—Angela, worried about Pete's sanity.[src]

Angela Williams is a main character and the deuteragonist of A New Life. She is the girlfriend of Pete. Angela surprises the ones who think she is just another helpless girl that needs to be protected.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Angela is a thin girl, quite taller than the other characters. She has long, straight red hair, usually tied in a ponytail for safety, and visible freckles.

Personality Edit

Angela, is as she describes herself, "Not like the other girls [her] age". A brave, quick-witted girl, Angela is a valuable person to keep around in the apocalypse. She is able to remain calm under pressure, but this doesn't mean one can provoke her.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Angela has killed:

Relationships Edit

Peter Daniels Mitchell

Angela and Peter are in a relationship. They love each other deeply and are often expressing concern about each other. After the incidents with the scavengers and the bandits, Angela has started to worry about Peter's sanity in the outbreak.

Kurt Harrison

It can be assumed Angela and Kurt had a good friendship, seeing how both were the closest people to Peter before Kurt's death. She was very grateful to Kurt for saving Peter's life.

Nate Harrison

Angela worries about Nate, in the same way she would worry about any child in the outbreak. She seems to have taken a liking on the boy after they got locked up together by the bandits.

Barry Stevens

It can be assumed that Barry's hostile nature got in between any friendship the two would have had. However it is to be noted that Angela respected Barry's leadership, obeying his orders immediately in the brief encounter with Bandit Nigel.

Leon Carter

Angela and Leon have a good friendship. They can be seen talking to each other rather often and Angela would often joke around with Leon.


Angela and Sarah are good friends and are often seen together. When Sarah was facing depression after Anthony's death, Angela would always stay at her side, trying to help her, deeply concerned about her sanity.


Angela and Anthony didn't interact much, but it can be assumed by her friendship with Sarah and the friendship Anthony and Peter had that they had at least a mild friendship. Angela was shocked and saddened by Anthony's suicide.

Craig Tucker

Angela and Craig were never seen interacting, but Angela did try to stop Barry from beating him to death, showing that she cared at least a little for the man. However, this could also be that she didn't want to see anyone being brutally beaten to death, not mattering how bad the person could be.


Angela and Jim were never seen interacting.


Angela and Tyrone had a heated start when she and Pete unknowingly invaded his group's home. After several weeks surviving together, however, it looks like they are in relatively good terms now.


Angela and Matthew appear to be on good terms. When Matthew had a sudden asthma attack, Angela showed concern for his well-beings, but was also concerned about the trip to Atlanta to retrieve medicine for him.


Angela and Jessie appear to be friends, and can be seen chatting together occasionally.


Angela hates Jasper for killing members of her group, taking off one of Peter's eyes, beating up Matthew and Kurt and threatening to beat up Nate. She goes with Peter and Leon to kill him, but Jasper left his office before they could get there.

Stephanie Villa

Angela and Stephanie are in good terms with each other. Angela is grateful for her help in escaping the bandits, but Stephanie feels that she and the rest of the group still don't trust her.

Keith Howard

Angela and Keith are not seen interacting much, but it can be assumed that she is at least on good terms with him, seeing how Keith is always nice and helpful with everyone.


  • Angela's theme is Broken by Gorillaz.
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