Alex Watterson is the main character in the TV show 'Frostfall'.
  Alex Watterson
Alex Watterson
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age Early 20's
Occupation Unkown
Family Becca Watterson-Girlfreind(deceased)

Nigel Watterson-Brother

Uncle Kenny-Uncle(deceased)
First Appearance A New Day
Status Alive
Series lifespan A New Day to Present
Ethnicity American

Killed Victims Edit

  • Duane(before reanimation)
  • numerous counts of zombies

Relationships Edit

Becca Watterson Edit

Alex is Becca's boyfreind.

Nigel Watterson Edit

Alex is Nigels brother.

Duane Edit

Alex is Duanes best freind.

Eric Edit

Eric and Alex are good freinds.

Clarah Edit

Clarah and Alex are good freinds.

Appearances Edit

In Progress

Gallery Edit

Season 2 alex

Season 2 Alex

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