Alex McTaggart
Age ??
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Death N/A
Ethnicity Turkish-Irish
Occupation Isabelle's Assistant/Enforcer

Alex McTaggart is a survivor in The Safe Haven universe and a POV character.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Alex is an extremely well-kept and organized man. He leaves very little to chance and will always check multiple variables. He is extremely professional when carrying out the duties afforded to him by his boss, Isabelle.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

Alex is incredibly loyal to Isabelle and carries out her orders to a tee. She values his council, as he is astute and frank, even more so than she is. This tidiness hides a sadistic side of him.

Events in the Safe HavenEdit

It's unknown what Alex did before he began working for Isabelle.


Alex has used some of his sources to discover that Deputy Minister Willow's death was in fact a murder and relays this information to Isabelle. He later takes Isabelle's doppleganger to town and begins his investigation into the leak of information.

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