Agatha Rocha
Agatha Rocha
Status Alive
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 1m 65cm
5 Feet 4 Inches
First Seen Issue 1
Last Seen N/A
Relations Giovanni Rocha - Brother
Ethnicity Caucasian-Brazilian
Occupation Assumed High School Student

"The civilization called, they want you to know that showers exist."
—Agatha to her brother[src]

Agatha Rocha, is a main character in Uma Nova Vida. She is Giovanni's cheerful and overall completely different than him sister. A popular girl who always follows what's trending, Agatha doesn't understand her brother's behavior and is always trying to drag him to "her world".

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Agatha is a slim girl on her mid teens. She has long and straight black hair and stunning green eyes, like her brother. Unlike her brother, she cares a lot about her physical appearance, always trying to look perfect.

Personality Edit

Agatha is a cheerful and overall happy person with her life. She, like many girls of her age, is more worried about her looks and her social life than with the future. She doesn't seem to understand how her brother can be so distant from other people and is always trying to bring him to her group, thinking she's helping him.

Appearances Edit

Volume 1 Edit

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