Aaron F. Tirkayan
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Death N/A
Ethnicity Turkish
Occupation Scavenger

My name is Aaron Floyd Tirkayan. If you're viewing this, I'm probably dead. Hopefully, I went out with a bang and took out my targets, but if not, I'll let this video do it for me.
— The beginning of Aaron's holodisc recording.

Aaron Floyd Tirkayan is a survivor in The Safe Haven universe, a POV character during the events of Just and its main character.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Aaron has a soft appearance and youthful features, save for the scarred tissue across his left eye.


His appearance disputes his personality. Aaron comes off as a very cold person with little regard for his own safety and health.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

Aaron possesses the Gift of manipulating electric waves. It's unknown how this Gift came to be expressed.

Events in the Safe HavenEdit

Aaron lived in Southern Haven with his older sister Filiz. He at some point saw an opportunity to join the Chelsea (Central Haven) military but would visit her during his leaves.

Four years before the events of Best Served Cold, Filiz is killed.


Aaron rides out into the wastelands of Southern Haven and records a confession in his sister Filiz's old home.

Later that night, he dispatches kills Albert Willow's security team, learns the location of someone he's looking for, a man named Jackson. In the end, he kills Albert.

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