This is the fourth episode of the A New Life Season Three and the thirty-second episode overall.

While looking through some of the windows, the blond man noticed something pass real quickly. A human body, dead or alive he couldn't tell.

"Looks like we're not alone after all." he said, squinting looking for any other person passing by the windows. He smirked at the window he saw the figure pass by and signalized to Shaun to enter the hospital.

Pete, Steph and Nate hurried up the stairs, Pete carrying a large bag. The second floor appeared to be completely desert, as far as Pete could tell. Then again, they didn't have much time to check the place out, they didn't even stop there and continued to the third floor. Just as they passed through the place, a noise like if something was dropped to the ground stroke, but the three didn't hear it.

The stairs to the third floor led to a hallway. The doors to the patient's rooms where ripped off the walls, but the rooms were completely empty, except for one or two that had a dead body with a stab wound to the head.

"Someone's been putting the dead down... Or preventing them for turning, I guess." Steph said, noting a dead body on one of the rooms, blood spilled on the pillow and bedding.

"Do you think they're still around? That there's like... people living in here?" Nate asked.

"I doubt it. This guy looks like he's been dead for months. They were probably trying to stay here at the beginning but something went wrong." Pete said, looking more closely to the dead body.

"Sheesh... Being around here gives me a bad feeling, can't we just get what we're looking for and get the hell out?" Steph said, feeling shivers down her spine. "Where's the pharmacy room again?"

"I agree. Let's just keep going. We do have limited time, after all. The room is by the elevator, this way." Pete said, signalizing them to follow him.

The three continued to walk around until they found the elevator, the door wide open, leading to a five floors drop into the underground level, the parking lot. It was at a corner, with two doors at its side, one on a wall, the other on another. One of them had a fragile-looking wooden board on the door and writings on red paint that appeared to be blood, reading "Keep Out". The other had a sign on top that read "Pharmacy".

"This is it. Things are finally looking up." Nate sighed in relief.

"It still feels kind of fishy, though. The less I see, the more I like it. Let's just get that medicine and get back to the factory." Pete said, giving a look at the boarded door. He wondered what was behind that? Probably zombies. It looked like it could break at any second...

"There! The safe!" Steph said, jumping over the counter. "It's still locked, thank God! I can see all sort of stuff in here, antibiotics, painkillers, oxy... And there are some asthma pumps in there too!"

"Okay, so... We got them, nice. But... How do we get this thing op-" Nate was saying, entering the room, before a zombie grabbed his legs. It was missing the lower part of its body and hiding in the shadows.

"What the fuck!? NATE!"

"Aaaaaargh! Get off me! Get off! GET- OFF!" he yelled, pulling his gun at it and shooting it in the head. The boy, in his panicking shot two more times in the dead body's head, before managing to yank his leg from its grip.

"Hey, hey. Are you alright, bud?" Pete asked, hurrying to check the boy.

"Where did this thing came from? I didn't see shit!" Steph said.

"Are you okay? It didn't bite you, did it?"

"No, no... I'm fine I just... I panicked a little." Nate replied, breathing heavily and deeply ashamed of himself.

"It's okay, it's okay.. We all panic, it's normal and..." A bang was heard, like a fist being slammed to a door. "Hey, did you guys hear that?" More bangs were heard, followed by the snap of wood breaking in half, and doors being slammed to the walls.

"Was that sound the-" Steph asked

"The doors outside. Fucking fuck." Pete said.

The moaning of the dead were getting closer and closer.

"We're trapped here!" Nate said, looking for any exits. The door they came from was already too much of a risk to take, the zombies were just outside it.

"Looks like we'll have to take a fucking stand, then!" Pete yelled, jumping behind the counter, followed by Steph and then Nate. "How many bullets you have?"

"Ten. I haven't shot anything yet." Steph replied.

"Six." Nate said, checking his magazine. "You?"

"Eight. We should be fine if they are just a few." Pete said. "Okay, one... two.. three... NOW!" he commanded, getting up and shooting a zombie in the head.

One by one the shots were fired, stopping the dead at the door and gathering a pile of dead bodies that didn't seem to stop them from getting in. Soon ten shots were fired, and then, more ten.

"They just keep coming, there's too many of them!" Steph yelled.

"I'm out of ammo!" Nate said.

"Fuck... Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUUUUUUCK! We're fucked! We're fucking fucked!" Pete yelled as he shot another zombie with his last bullet. There were still many of them coming.

The three got out of ammo, and couldn't do anything as the dead were coming to them. Trapped in a room with no way to defend themselves, it was just a matter of time until they were all dead. And after they were dead, Matthew would be dead too. It would have been all in vain.

BLAM! A shot was heard from outside, and one of the dead came to the ground. This brought the attention of the other zombies. One of them looked around for a split of a second, before getting his head sliced in two by a machete.

The blond man who killed the zombie charged at the rest of the zombies with incredible speed and agility, while more shots could be heard from outside the room. In about a minute, the undead were all dead, and the two men stood outside, the blond man catching his breath, and the other one, brown-haired, reloading his pistol with an angry look.

"That was fucking stupid, Keith! Why the hell did we do this for?" the brown-haired man asked, holstering his pistol.

"Gimme a sec... I gotta... I gotta catch up my breath... Jesus Christ..." Keith said, hand on his knees. "Okay... Now I think I'm good..."

"Who are these guys?" Steph whispered.

"We know you're there. Come on out, it's safe now." the man said, with obvious annoyance in his voice.

"Uh... Okay then." Pete replied. "Come on." he said to the group, jumping over the counter. "Hey, uh... Thanks for saving our asses... I'm Pete, you...?" he extended his hand, but instead of a shake he got it slapped away by Keith.

"What's up with the great fucking idea of shooting those guns all around here? Don't you know this place, like the whole city, is filled with the dead?" he asked, loudly.

"Every biter from miles away must have heard this shootout. They'll be over here soon." the other man said.

"S-Sorry... Kid got grabbed, shot the fucker who got him... They must've heard the shots and broke the door open..."

"The kid got grabbed? You got a kid with you?" Keith asked, looking around until he saw Nate, with his gun pointed at him.

"D-Don't move." the boy said.

"Great, now I'm having a gun pointed at my face by a fifth grader. Look kid, I know you're out of ammo, you ain't going to shoot anyone soon. Quit the act, okay?" he said. "Now... Why are you people here?"

"Hey, wait a second... I think I know you!" Steph said, walking closer to Keith. "Yes! I'm not crazy! You really are who I thought you was!"

"Oh boy." Keith rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Is there something I'm missing here?" Pete asked, confused.

"I can't believe I was just saved by KEITH HOWARD! Oh my God, Mr. Howard me and my brother were great fans of your work!" Steph snapped like a fangirl.

"'Big fans'? 'Your work'? What are you talking about? From where do you know this guy?" Nate asked, as confused as Pete.

"Don't you people recognize him? It's Keith Howard, the great Hollywood star, he starred a lot of action movies with Vin Diesel and other people!" Steph explained. "I used to go to the theaters with my brother and watch ALL of your movies!"

"I'm... uh... I'm glad you liked them." Keith said, awkwardly smiling and scratching his head. The other man was rolling his eyes, impatient behind him.

"Wait... If you are this big hit she's talking about... What are someone as famous as you doing here, in the middle of Georgia?" Pete asked.

"I was... Visiting my family when it all went down. I was going back to California actually, dead fucks got us by surprise in the airport. This is Shaun, he was my personal bodyguard back in the day, and pretty much the only friend I got left now." he said.

"Pleased to meet you two." Pete said.

"Likewise." Shaun replied, still irritated.

"So, you didn't answer my question. What are you people doing here? The city's done. Only someone crazy would come back here." Keith said.

"We were looking for some medicine for our people. Figured the hospital must have some. It's kept on a safe and all, harder for looters to get it." Pete replied.

"Sweet God of coincidence. We were doing the same thing. Besides the 'our people' part... Our medicine stash went dry some days ago and we already tried the pharmacies around, to no use. The hospital was our last chance." Keith said.

"We figured the pharmacies would be empty too..." Pete said. "Wait... You won't try to jump on us and take the medicine to yourselves, will you?"

"Uh... Nope?" Keith replied, surprised. "Why would we? There must be enough for both of us, I reckon."

"Let's just say we had our share of bad encounters back in the day." Steph said. "Can't blame us for being careful, right?"

"Wait- How do I know I can trust you?" Pete asked. "How do I know you're telling the truth now?"

"'How do you...' Shit..." Keith laughed. "Dude, we just saved your lives. I think that's enough to trust us at least for a little bit, right?"

"...Right." Pete said, not convinced. "So, what are we doing around here, chatting like old ladies? Let's get these meds."

The five of them got back inside the room and went to the safe where the meds were kept. There was a numerical pad and place for a sliding card. Pete tried to open it without using any of them, but to no avail.

"Shit, we need the combination for the safe or an ID card from one of the workers, or it won't open!" Pete said, slamming his fist to the safe, slightly shaking the bottles inside.

"Hey guys, look at this." Nate, said, grabbing something from one of the dead bodies. "It's an ID card... Eugene Edwards... Nurse."

"How convenient." Keith said, smirking. "C'mon, pass it up." he said, throwing Pete the card.

Pete slid the card and the doors opened.

"Now we're talking. Steph, hand me the bag, we just hit a jackpot." he said, laughing in joy as he started to put all the bottles in the bag.

While everyone watched the scene, Shaun looked outside the window to the empty buildings and then down the street. What he saw hit him so hard that he almost lost his footing. A giant herd, probably on the thousands, gathering around the hospital, and entering through the broken glass doors.

"Guys... We gotta hurry... There's a shitstorm knocking on our doors..." he said, frightened.

"The fuck you talking ab-" Keith asked, pushing him aside and looking through the window. "Oh shiiiiiit... We really gotta go, man. Hurry up with that shit."

"What happened?" Steph asked.

"Hundreds of them outside, maybe thousands. They're already getting in!" Shaun said. "We don't have much time until they get here."

"Shit." Pete said, hurrying to get the rest of the medicine from the safe. The last thing he grabbed was an asthma pump. He looked at it for a second and sighed in relief, before putting it in the bag and zipping it.

"What are we going to do? They're blocking the exits." Steph said, looking through another window. "There's no way out."

"There is one way. Up." Pete said, putting the bag on his back.

"Here, let me carry this shit. I'm the strongest one here." Keith said, getting the bag from Pete. "He's right. The only way out is going up. To the roof, to be precise."

"And then we just jump trough the rooftops until we find a way down?" Shaun asked. "That's bullshit, Keith!"

"You got a better fucking idea? Let's go!" Keith shouted.

The five got out of the room and ran to the stairs, only to find that the dead were already on the second floor, making their way to the third. They started to run the fastest they could up the stairs, Keith first with the bag, then Pete, then Nate, Steph and Shaun at last, but on the fifth floor, something grabbed Shaun's leg as he passed and made him trip.

"Shit!" he yelled, kicking the zombie in the face, trying to get free. "Let go of me, you fuck! Let go of m-YEAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGH!" his yells were replaced by screams of pain as the zombies quickly catch up with him and started to devour him. One took a bite on his left leg, one of his butt cheeks and another on his neck.

"SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUN!" Keith yelled, suddenly stopping in horror.

"Keith, come on... COME ON! He's gone man, there's nothing you can do!" Steph grabbed him by his arms and pulled. "You have to keep moving, COME ON!" the two started running again, Keith still looking back in shock, tears rolling down his eyes.

In the rooftop, everything was quiet until the door to the stairs was slammed open, and the four people came out. After everyone were there, Pete slammed the door close. He looked around for something to keep it closed and found a chain, that he passed through the door handle and locked down with the lock that was on it.

"Guess someone already tried this before..." Nate said, pointing to a bloody pile of bones right next to where the chain was found. Bloody footsteps were left on the ground until the edge of the roof, where the zombie appeared to have fallen.

"Fuck..." Steph said, before throwing up.

"Hey, easy there... It's alright..." Nate said, gently rubbing her back. "Do you feel any better?"

"Fuck no. But thanks for trying to help though." she said with a smile, cleaning up her mouth.

In a moment of silence, while everyone catch their breath, Keith was by himself at the edge, looking down to the herd, still entering the hospital, with a horrified look on his face, sweating heavily.

"Okay... So this... Should keep them off of us..." Pete said, wiping away the sweat from his forehead. "Now what?"

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*Does not appear in this episode.

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*Does not appear in this episode.


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Trivia Edit

  • Last appearance of Shaun (Alive).
  • This is the first episode since Season One where the majority of the cast didn't appear in.
  • The title of the episode references the group getting trapped twice, once in the Pharmacy Room and then on the rooftop.
    • Both trappings were caused by a large group of zombies.
  • Shaun's death was originally different. He was going to die by sacrificing himself, holding a door close with the herd behind it in order to buy the group time. This idea was scrapped though because the author couldn't find a way to do it right.
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