This is the third episode of the A New Life Season Three and the thirty-first episode overall.

"Babe, after seeing this place... We'd be insane if we said otherwise. This might be an improvised home, but it's the best one we ever had since this all began. Damn right we're staying."

It was really late, everyone was already sleeping in the not so comfortable makeshift beds, that were at least better than having to share the same row of seats in the car with other three people. The moonlight outside was pretty strong, and the moon was the biggest in a long time.

In the "sniper area" in the second floor, Tyrone was sitting alone in a beach chair, rifle on his lap, struggling to keep himself awaken. His eyes were heavy, and closed for some moments before he quickly woke up again, rubbed his eyes and shook his head.

"Get your shit together, Tyrone." he whispered to himself. "Stupid goddamn watch, everyone gets a new bed, yet I gotta sit here all night long looking at nothing. Gimme a fucking break."

In the first floor, in one of the rooms, Pete and Angela were sleeping together, in each other's arms, right next to Nate and Sarah. The kid's snoring has never been louder. In the room right next to them, Leon had Jessie cuddling with him, with Stephanie by herself in the corner, Matthew near the door and the empty bed of Tyrone.

Matthew was having problems in getting to sleep. He wasn't able to breathe properly, and rolled around his bed for a good long while, wheezing and coughing. Frustrated, he opened his eyes and looked to the ceiling, right before it started. Suddenly, he wasn't able to breathe. At all. His wheezing got stronger and stronger, the panic hit as he tried to grasp for any breath, without success.

Matthew tried to get up and call for help, but he fell from his bed, producing a loud dry noise. He struggled in the floor, unable to breathe, as the other people on the room woke up, startled by the noise of him falling.

"The hell was that...?" Leon said sleepy, rubbing his eyes.

"Oh my God! Matthew!" Jessie shouted, getting out of the bed and rushing to him. "Matthew! MATTHEW! What's going on? Are you okay?" she asked desperately, while Matthew continued to struggle. His eyes widened up seeing her, as he felt a mix of both relieve she was there, and total panic over what was going up.

"What's going on with him?" asked Steph, scared by the situation.

"We heard someone screaming, is everything-...?" Angela rushed in through the door.

"The fuck is wrong with him?" Pete asked, hurrying inside.

"I don't know! I think he's having an asthma attack!" Jessie replied.

"An asthma attack? Matthew has asthma?" asked Sarah, frightened.

"I didn't know either! I think not even he knew it, he never told anyone about this!"

Matthew continued to wheeze and grasp for breath while the group was arguing. His eyes slowly started to tear up in panic, his hand vainly on his throat.

"W-What do we do then? Doesn't he have like a little pump or something?" Steph asked.

"No... I told you, he didn't say anything about asthma to anyone! Even if he had... We don't have any medicine to treat it..."

"She's right, our med stock is pretty much non-existent." Angela said.

"So we're going to just leave the guy to die?" asked Leon. "Come on, there has to be at least something we can do about this..."

"There is." Pete simply said, biting his thumb as if he was planning something. "Jessie, how long do you think he can handle the attack without any medication?"

"I-It... It depends on how strong his case is..." she replied. "W-Why? What are you thinking?"

"Do you think you can get us about twenty minutes or like... Half an hour?" he asked. "I think I might have an idea."

"What are you going to do?" Angela asked, but was ignored. "Pete! PETE! What - are - you - going - to do?"

"I'm going to do the only thing I can do right now. I'm going to get the car and drive to the city, get to a pharmacy or an hospital or- or whatever I don't fucking know! I'm going to get back to Atlanta and get us some medicine."

"Don't be stupid here, man. It's twenty minutes just to get to Atlanta. Add the time to get inside some hospital like you said, find the meds and come back... It would be at least forty minutes." said Leon, grabbing Pete by his arm. "And that's IF everything went right. There's just no time."

"And do you suppose I just sit here and watch Matthew suffocate to death?"

"I didn't say that- Look, I'm not trying to be the asshole here. But you just don't know if this will work or not. This is gambling with someone's life. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won't. Maybe there is enough time and you get back here with an asthma pump or something and save this boy's life, but there's also a chance you just waste your time. You just don't know."

"And if we just stay here and do nothing, we'll never know." Steph said, getting between the two men. "You're right, we can't just sit here and watch Matthew die, we gotta do something. I'm going with you."

"Are you sure?" Pete asked, reluctant.

"I want you to know you can trust me. Prove I'm one of yours now, and that what happened in the past, it's in the past." she said, nodding.

"Okay then, thank you. Anyone else coming? Because if you are, say it now. We have precious little time and we can't waste it." Pete asked, looking at the people in the room.

"I am." a voice was heard behind Pete. He turned around and found Nate, already holding a pistol. "I'm going too."

"Nate, I know Matthew is your friend, but this isn't something for a..." Sarah said, grabbing his arm and trying to push him away, before he broke free.

"For what? For a kid? I'm not a kid anymore Sarah, and you know it." Nate said, walking to Pete and Steph. "Please, let me go with you. I know you still think I'm a child, but Matthew... Matthew saved my life when I didn't want to live anymore. I owe him this."

Pete was totally caught off-guard with this request. He looked to Angela, as if he was asking what should he do, then to Sarah and finally to Steph. Neither of them knew what to say.

He thought about if for a brief second, sighed and said. "Okay. You're coming with us. But remember, this is serious. Matthew's life is at the stake, you have to stay focused, alright?"

"Yes, sir. Of course." Nate replied, firm and serious.

"Okay, that's it. Leon, you got the keys?" Pete asked. Leon replied positively and threw him a key ring with a single car key and a pen-drive with a tag reading 'Norman'. "You two have your handguns, right?"

"Yes." Nate said, showing his Glock 17.

"Always." Steph replied, reloading hers.

"Let's go then."

The three said goodbye to the rest of the group and hurriedly went to the car. Pete turned the keys on the fastest he could and stepped on the gas almost immediately after the car was turned on.

"Hey, the fuck's going on?! Hey answer me, dammit!" Tyrone shouted down when he saw the three getting in the car. They drove off without giving him any answers. "God damn it, nobody ever tells me shit!" he shouted, dropping the rifle on the chair and running downstairs to ask the other what was going on.

"Can't this shit go any faster?" Pete asked, furiously stepping on the gas pedal. "We're kinda in a hurry here, clock's ticking."

"Unless you want to use all of our fuel just to get there, then no." Steph said. "That's one thing I hate about these damn pick-ups. It wastes so much fuel... We got to play the hand we're dealt, I guess."

"First thing I'm going to do when we find another car will be fucking blow this one up, Jesus Christ." he made a quick pause, before letting out a small and out-of-place laugh. "I never thought I'd say that... But I miss our old van." the smile quickly faded away though, as he shook his head and rubbed his eyes in shame. "God damn it, I did it again… What am I doing, I shouldn't be laughing right now..."

"Hey, don't give yourself too much shit. Everyone's gotta laugh sometimes, even nowadays." Steph tried to comfort him, putting her hand on his shoulder. "It kinda reminds us we're still humans, right?"

"...Right. It just felt weird, heartless I think. Laughing while we were supposed to be focusing on saving Matthew's life. Forget about it, we'll be there at any minute if we keep this pace."

Several minutes later, already in Atlanta, Pete parks the car in an alley in the suburbs. It was then when he realized that it wasn't late in the night, it was actually dawn, as the Sun was slowly rising at the distance. It was relatively quiet, with no signs of zombies nearby, so they got out of the car and locked it down.

"We walk from here. If shit goes down, you two run back to the car." he said, checking the streets for walking corpses.

"What? And what about you?" Nate asked.

"Shit goes down, I'll make sure this ride won't be for nothing. Shit goes down, I get these meds by myself if I have to. Can't risk losing both Matthew and you two."

"Bullshit. We asked you to come, we're not leaving you. You don't need to do this alone. I'll tell you what will happen if shit goes down. Shit goes down, we stick together, face it together, and come back home together. That's what happens." Steph replied, walking pass both.

The three walked carefully down the street in the direction of the city hospital, apparently abandoned for months. One or two zombies noticed them in their way, but they were quickly put down. They safely made their way to the main sliding glass door, that was broken and vandalized to pieces.

"Do you really think we'll find something here?" Nate asked, doubtful. "I mean, look at this place, it's gone!"

"I don't think we have any better choice. Do you want to try the pharmacies, that are way easier to break into and steal? Those are picked clean for sure." Pete replied. "Now come on, we're wasting time."

"Where do they keep the medicine in hospitals anyway?" Steph asked, looking behind the receptionist counter. "I don't suppose they just leave stuff lying around for everyone to get."

"No, they don't. Even if they did, it would already be gone. They keep the stuff in a pharmacy room, locked down. That's why I was sure we would find stuff here." Pete replied.

"How do you know that?" asked Nate.

"When I was younger, I wanted to be a medic. Cure diseases, help people, all that shit. It all started when I got in a really bad car accident. I was riding my bike when some drunk idiot hit me. Long story short, broke some bones, had to go to the hospital. Learned about some stuff when I got well enough to walk around, but not enough to go home."

"Well, that explains a lot... But we still don't know where exactly this pharmacy room is..." Steph said, grabbing a bottle from the ground and dropping it after realizing it was in fact empty. "Jessie being here would be a big help, I bet. I mean this is the only hospital in miles... If she wasn't a particular nurse to some rich asshole, she HAD to work here..."

"Yeah it would... But she is also the only person with medical knowledge we have. She had to stay with Matthew, and-"

"Here." Nate interrupted him, finding a broken sign on the floor, that was apparently ripped from the wall. "Pharmacy... Pharmacy... It's on the third floor. Right past the elevator. That's where they keep the meds."

"Hey, good job." Pete said, jokingly messing up Nate's hair. "Come on, let's get us some medicine." he said, running upstairs.

Outside, two men approached the hospital, coming from the exact opposite direction the group came. One of them was a tall, skinny but somehow muscular man with blond hair and the other one smaller and more built, with brown hair. The blond man carried a machete, and the other one carried a Browning Hi-Power pistol.

"Are you sure we'll find something here? It's been months since it all started, I'm sure it's all picked clean now." the brown-haired man asked, unsure.

"I'm telling you, Shaun. They keep this kind of shit locked down in safe. Not everyone can just go there and take this stuff." the other man replied.

The two men stopped at the entrance and looked up, from the second floor to the rooftops. The hospital's facade was severely injured. Graffiti sprayed everywhere, broken windows, even burn marks. While looking through some of the windows, the blond man noticed something pass real quickly. A human body, dead or alive he couldn't tell.

"Looks like we're not alone after all." he said, squinting looking for any other person passing by the windows. He smirked at the window he saw the figure pass by and signalized to Shaun to enter the hospital.

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Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Shaun.
  • First appearance of Keith Howard, albeit unnamed at the time.
  • In this episode Matthew's poor health conditions are made clear for the first time.
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