This is the second episode of the A New Life Season Three and the thirtieth episode overall.

"You're a good man. I can see it in your eyes... If you excuse the expression. Don't let anyone tell you that you're not. This place I was staying, it still has some food for you people. It's pretty safe from the dead too. Just follow the road, about two miles from here, there's a factory."

"I was the only one there. Everything left there is going to be left there gathering dust if you don't. I'm sure you can make use of that, especially the food. You're all looking starving."

"So... I guess I'm the one who'll say it then." Leon said from the third-row seating suddenly, breaking the silence in the Hummer, who had left the camp about ten seconds ago, heading to the factory John mentioned. "What if that guy is bullshitting us?"

"Jesus Christ, here we go again." Sarah rolled her eyes.

"No, I'm serious, guys. What if he's just, like... Leading us into a trap?"

"The guy was dying, Leon. You saw the bite, remember?" said Matthew.

"Yeah, but just because the guy is dying it doesn't mean he's 100% trustworthy. What if this 'group' he talked about isn’t dead? What if we get there and they just jump us and take our stuff? Have any of you think about that?"

"The man's got a point, you know? I didn't like the look of that guy." said Tyrone from the driver's seat.

"Yeah, but you don't like anyone's look, Tyrone." Jessie laughed. "If I recall correctly, you already attempted to kill everyone in this car at least once."

"Oh that's something I can back up there." Pete said, chuckling. It felt weird, laughing after so much time. "The very first thing you did when we first met was point a gun at my head."

"To Tyrone's defense, we DID invade their home just like that. Even if we didn't know there were people there." said Angela.

"Dammit guys, I'm not joking here. What if that guy John actually has like... a- a squad in that factory, and- and after he got bit for some reason he decided to lure people there so his living friends could kill us and steal our shit?"

"We hardly have any shit to steal, to begin with." Matthew said. "I'm surprised this car's still working."

"I think you just gotta lay down on your paranoia, Leon. Not everyone out there is trying to kill us." Pete said. "Sometimes we kinda forget that there is still good people... We can't be the only group in the world that isn't a bunch of rapists or killers."

"Whatever, man... I just believe what I see... Sometimes, not even that..." he looked out of the window, clearly annoyed that no one believed him.

About ten minutes later

The Hummer continues to drive through the empty highway through the Outskirts of Atlanta, the only obstacles are one or two zombies wandering around, which are easily avoidable. Out in the horizon a big building stands alone in the middle of the trees, surrounding by a tall chain fence. The factory.

"Is that it?" asks Stephanie, pointing out of the window. A big tower at the middle, who would be leaking black smoke if it was still running, could be seen. "It looks like a factory, doesn't it?"

"That should be it. I'm going to pull over there, there are some zombies in the highway, someone's gotta take care of them." said Tyrone, pointing at three zombies who by the time already noticed the car.

"Sure thing." Pete said, getting out of the car when it stopped.

Pete, Leon and Steph grabbed a gardening knife, a wrench and a screwdriver from the group's "arsenal" of melee weapons, which consisted of simply anything they could find that could pierce or crack a skull.

"Over here, ugly face!" Leon called, whistling.

The three zombies walked to them as fast as they could, waving their arms, hands grasping trying to reach the food just after them. When one of them got close enough, Pete quickly stabbed him in the forehead. The knife got stuck for a second before he pulled it out and wiped the blood on his jeans.

Stephanie grabbed the zombie by the neck and brought him to the ground, where she simply stuck the screwdriver on his right eye and twisted, making sure the job was done. She then got up and gave Pete a quick look, and they shared smiles.

Leon smacked the zombie's head with the wrench breaking her jaw, which stayed tangling down her face. He delivered another blow, on the top of her head that, with the strength of the impact, forced her to her knees. He repeated the exact same attack in the third blow, now completely bashing her head in.

"Maybe next time you should get something that kills in one hit?" Pete joked, a wide grin on his face.

"Or actually aim for the brain first, not the jaw?" Steph added.

"That... Would be a good idea." Leon said, wiping some rotten blood that spilled on his face. "Come on, let's see if this place is legit."

Inside the fence, the rest of the group walked around the factory, both trying to find a way in and inspecting the defenses of the place.

"It looks pretty steady to me..." Angela said. "It has two floors, each one has the amount of space of a damn mansion... The windows are all boarded up... The walls look pretty solid too, and besides that... There's this fence."

"Got some room up there with a nice view from the road too..." said Nate, amazed. The boy couldn't control the excitement on his voice. "It goes around the entire place, I bet we could put someone up there to keep watch for any trouble. It looks a nice place for sniping. You should try it out when we get in, Angela."

"Yeah, I like what I see so far." Tyrone said. "It's like that guy John said, it's pretty safe against the dead. At least a few of 'em. Not so sure about a herd, though. A chain fence and some boards won't stop a couple hundred... Best thing we could do is go up the second floor and try to make a stand in the 'sniper place', I guess... Anyway, we gotta check the inside too."

"The door won't open. I guess he locked it up somehow before leaving the place. I think he used the front gate to get in and out. How did he managed to open and close this thing by himself is beyond me, though. The gate's locked from the inside too." said Sarah.

"'The door won't open' I'll make it open, baby." Tyrone laughed. "Step aside, let the professionals work."

Tyrone kicked the metal door the hardest he could, but even though he managed to bend it a little, it didn't open. The second kick deformed even more the door, which started to cease. By the third kick, the lock was busted and it opened with the loud bang of metal hitting the wall, amplified by thousands due to the echo inside.

"There you go ladies..." he said, in an over-the-top polite manner.

"Oh, thank you, Dr. Banner." Sarah chuckled.

"Careful, girl. You won't like it when he gets angry... Right Ty?" Matthew said, tapping Tyrone's shoulder lightly.

"Just shut the hell up and let's take a look inside." Tyrone said.

Just like it looked from the outside, the factory was huge. It appears it was a not so new but also not so old factory that dealt with metal in some form, but it wasn't quite clear what was made there before.

There were far more rooms than one would expect from a factory, each one converted into a different kind of room. Makeshift beds in one room made clear that there was where people used to sleep. The armory and the storage were, of course, picked clean. But some more exploring revealed that there was another room used to store food and ammo, in the back of the factory and on the second floor.

"If this much food is 'what was left'... What the bandits didn't take then... Wow. Just wow." Pete said, taking a look at how much canned goods there were, along with grains of all sorts.

"Imagine how many food they had before the attack..." said Jessie, equally amazed. "Still, we haven't found any medicine yet..."

"Guess the people here weren't as smart with the meds as they were with the food..." Steph said, noticing the lack of any medication in any room so far. "Our stuff is really scarce, I was hoping we would find some here."

"Me too." Jessie replied. "We're in a serious situation here. We hardly have any painkillers, if someone catches some kind of flu or has any kind of health attack... I'm afraid we wouldn't have the right medicine..."

"We will get that fixed soon enough, don't worry." Pete said, not so sure himself. "We just need make sure we can stay here, and then we can always just... Go scavenge on the city, right? It's just about 20 minutes from here..."

"Yeah, this place is actually closer to Atlanta than the restaurant, even though it's on the opposite direction... At least something good came out of being taken by those damn bandits." Leon said.

"So... That's it then?" Angela asked, when they finished searching the place. "It's like he said, it's safe from the dead, it has lots of food, and it has a lot of room, too. We're staying or what?"

"Babe, after seeing this place..." Pete said, wrapping his arms around her waist. "We'd be insane if we said otherwise. This might be an improvised home, but it's the best one we ever had since this all began. Damn right we're staying."

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