This list shows the origin of most of the character names in Tommy's story, A New Life.

Main Characters Edit

  • Peter Daniels Mitchell - An obvious one. Peter's name was inspired by Telltale Games' character Peter Joseph Randall. His last name was actually inspired by the Mitchell twins of Strife, by CamTheWoot.
  • Angela Williams - Angela's appearance and name was based of the character of Angie Terence (aka crazy eyes ginger lady), from The Dead Beneath by NotCrazyZora. Yep, I copied Zora, what you gonna do?
  • Kurt Harrison - Kurt's first name was inspired by Nirvana's lead singer, Kurt Cobain. His last name was taken from the rumored last name of TV Andrea and Amy (AND I AM NOT ASHAMED OF IT!)
  • Nate Harrison - Nate's first name was inspired by Telltale Games' character Nate.
  • Barry - Surprisingly, not inspired by The Flash, but rather by Steve Carell's character in 2010's Dinner for Schmucks (shocking, I know.)
  • Leon Carter - From Riley; First name was simply a minor take from the Italian name Leone, Carter was taken after an old friend.
  • Tyrone - Inspired by the internet meme "Get your shit together, Tyrone". This is even referenced on the story.

Major Characters Edit

  • Craig Tucker - Next...
  • Sarah - Inspired by Telltale Games' character Sarah (Yeah I like to copy Telltale :))
  • Anthony - Inspired by Red Hot Chilli Peppers' lead singer, Anthony Kiedis.
  • Matthew - My very first companion on The Walking Dead: Social Game was named Matthew.
  • Jessie - Name taken from a real-life girl I once wanted to get the booty.
  • Duke - Inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh's character Duke Devlin, more specifically, the YGO Abridged version.
  • Dennis Green - Inspired by Alice in Wonderlands', The Wolf Among Us' and famous nursery rhyme character Tweedle Dee. Last name adapted from the Greene family from The Walking Dead.
  • Duncan Green - Like his brother, inspired by Alice in Wonderlands', The Wolf Among Us' and famous nursery rhyme character Tweedle Dum. Last name adapted from the Greene family from The Walking Dead.
  • Keith Howard - Name taken directly from Yu-Gi-Oh's character "Bandit" Keith Howard, more specifically, the YGO Abridged version.

Supporting/Minor Characters Edit

  • Troy - Name chosen from the most useless Telltale Games' character at the time, Troy (who would later grow to be a favorite of mine, oh the irony).
  • Mr. Johnson - Taken from Ichabod Crane's codename from The Wolf Among Us episode 2.
  • Katsu - Inspired by real-life childhood friend with the same name.
  • Diego - Name inspired by the famous Argentinian football/soccer player and grade A coke snorting cunt Diego Armando Maradona.
  • Vinnie - Adapted from a real-life friend's nickname, Vini.
  • Norman - As the character is an obvious spoof of AMC's The Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon, it was fitting that he had his name taken from Daryl's actor, Norman Reedus.
  • Tom - Inspired by Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Bill - Homage to Left 4 Dead's character Bill, which to this day is still my favorite character of the franchise.
  • Susan - Story World After Death by GhostWolf716 had an African-American female character named Susan and I was too lazy to think of any other name for such a minor character.
  • Glen - Inspired by AMC's The Walking Dead Seasons 2 and 3 showrunner, Glen Mazzara.
  • Shaun - Obviously, a reference to the Heavy Rain glitch.
  • Nick - Name heavily inspired by Grandbro. His weird fixation with Telltale Games' character Nick, and the protagonist of his story, Perseus.
  • Jack - His name was inspired by actor Jack Nicholson. Might also be inspired by Robert DeNiro's character in the Meet the Parents franchise.

Specials Characters Edit

  • Ash Dickson - Inspired by GameXplain's Ash Paulsen.
  • Johnny - Inspired by the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned, Johnny Klebitz.
  • Jenner - His name was chosen a random, but as I chose it right after re-watching The Walking Dead's episode TS-19, it is likely I got the name from Dr. Edwin Jenner.

Zombies Edit

  • Luke - Not inspired by Telltale Games' character Luke (ok maybe just a little). Instead the name is an adapted version of a real-life friend named Lucas.
  • Alice - Inspired by Skybound's The Walking Dead character Alice Warren.
  • Eugene Edwards - Inspired by both AMC's The Walking Dead characters Eugene Porter and Steven Edwards.

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