These are all zombies from Tommy's story, A New Life that were relevant enough to be referenced, but not enough to earn their own page.

Season One Edit

Luke Edit




Status Dead
Age Late 20's
Gender Male
First Seen Hope
Last Seen Hope
Death Shot in the forehead by Kurt
Relations Two Unnamed Brothers
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Porter

Luke was the porter of Angela's apartment complex. It was mentioned that even though they never really knew each other, Pete and Luke had a good relation, as they often chatted while Pete waited his girlfriend to come down from her apartment. It is mentioned that Luke haves two brothers, one of them incarcerated, and another one who just started at highschool.

Though not mentioned at the story, Luke is Caucasian-American.

Killed By Edit

When Pete, Kurt and Leon are investigating the apartment complex, they found a zombified Luke lurking by his desk. Kurt asks if Pete knew him, which he replies with "more or less". Kurt asks if Pete wants to do it himself, which he replies that he doesn't. Kurt then shoots Luke in the forehead, putting him down.

Alice Edit




Status Dead
Age Mid 20's
Gender Female
First Seen Hope
Last Seen Hope
Death Suicide, put down by Leon
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Alice was Angela's best friend. Pete mentions that they knew each other since the primary. When Angela is missing, Pete assumes that she might have gone to Alice's house. When he, Kurt and Leon arrives at her house, Pete discovers that Alice committed suicide by hanging herself on the ceiling fan.

Killed By Edit

  • Herself (Alive, Suicide)
  • Leon Carter (Zombified, Out of Mercy)

After Pete realizes that the corpse is from Alice, she reanimates and starts to move. Leon then quickly shoots her in the left eye, putting her out of her misery.

Eugene Edwards Edit

Eugene Edwards



Status Dead
Age Early to Mid 30's
Gender Male
First Seen Trapped
Last Seen Trapped
Death Unknown causes, put down by either Pete, Steph, Nate, Keith or Shaun
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Nurse

Eugene was a nurse working on the hospital Pete, Nate and Stephanie raided looking for medication for Matthew. After his death, the group used his ID card to open the safe where the medication was kept in.

Killed By Edit

It is unknown how or when Eugene succumbed to the infection, but he was locked down in a room with others, and was freed when the board on the doors keeping them in broke. Who put him down is also unknown, as it's not possible to know if he was sliced or shot, and even so, who shot him.

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