This is the seventh episode of the A New Life Season Three and the thirty-fifth episode overall.

Pete noticed the pen-drive on the keychain. He got it free and put it on the car radio. He took a quick look on its tag. "Norman". Where did he hear this name again? In a few seconds, Norman's musics started to play as they drove to the distance.

The sky turned from orange to blue as the Sun rose, slowly. Leon was still sitting on the cinderblock outside the factory, lost on his thoughts, when suddenly he heard growling noises nearby. He got up slowly and walked to where the noises came from. A single zombie roamed around outside the chain fences, as expected from the woods.

"Got you, bitch." he whispered to himself.

Leon got to the fence and whistled, drawing its attention. The sudden fury of the creature arose as it ran to the fence and extended its arms, trying to grab him. Leon took out his pocket knife and stabbed it on the right eye, twisting the blade to make sure it was dead. He pulled the knife and the dead body fell.

"It's them! They're back!" he heard Angela yell from the top of the guard place.

"Son of a bitch... He did it." Leon smiled to himself.

Leon hurried to the chain fence gate, while the Hummer approached the factory. He opened up the lock and dropped the chains holding it closed. He pushed the rusty old gate as hard as he could, the rails could really use some oil, but managed to open it right when the garage gate was being raised by Tyrone and Angela.

The Hummer got inside of the garage and three doors opened, the driver's and the two of backseats. Pete got out of the car, some cotton stuffed on his nose to prevent bleeding, as did Stephanie, carrying the full bag.

"Thank God you're back!" Angela said, jumping on his arms and feeling his curly hair on her hands, kissing his cheek repetitively. "I was so worried and... Pete, what happened to you? You're all bloody... What's this on your nose?"

"It's nothing, I'll have Jessie check on it later, don't worry about it now..." he tried to say.

"Don't worry about it?! You leave for hours and come back covered in blood - FRESH blood - And I shouldn't worry about it?" Angela protested but Pete put a hand on her shoulder and shook his head with a tired look. "Okay... I get it, not now."

"Hey Tyrone, do you think you can help Nate get inside, he's got a sprained ankle..." Pete said.

"Sure, of course. Come here, man." Tyrone said, reaching for Nate inside the car. He looked to the passenger's seat and saw Keith there, without courage to open his door. "Hey what the fuck man, who is this guy?"

"What?" Leon asked.

"This guy right here on the passenger's seat! Who the fuck are you and why are you in the same car as them?" Tyrone asked, pulling his handgun out.

"He's the guy that just saved our lives, asshole." Steph replied. "Put your damn gun down, what are you thinking?"

"You don't get to tell me what to do, lady!" Tyrone said. "Get out of the car, fucker!"

"Tyrone!" Pete yelled.


"Put. The gun. Down. This here is Keith, he's with us." he said. "We would be dead inside a fucking hospital if it wasn't for him. Calm down. We still need to get Jessie the medicine to Matthew, come on."

A few moments of silence followed.

"Hey, I'm still back here!" Nate called Tyrone. "Come on Ty, I can't walk, remember?"

"Oh shit son, sorry I forgot!" Tyrone hurried and grabbed Nate. Tyrone wrapped his arm around the boy's waist and he hopped his way inside.

"I didn't mean to cause any trouble, I'm sorry..." Keith quietly said to Stephanie while they were walking to the room Matthew and Jessie were in. "You know, with your black friend..."

"He does that to everyone, don't worry about it." she chuckled. "You're not the first and certainly are not the last to get a gun pointed at your face by him."

"I've got a present for you!" Pete said, entering the room. Jessie turned around and sighed in relief.

Matthew was still on the floor, struggling to breath. When he saw the large bag his eyes opened in relief, and a single tear of joy rolled down his eyes. After seeing Pete, Sarah hurried to him and gave him a tight hug.

"Are you alright?" she asked him after finally letting go. "Are you hurt? What happened to your nose?"

"Y-Yes, thanks... It's nothing serious, is not with me you have to worry. How is he?"

"Like a rollercoaster. He gets better, than worse, then better again and then even worse..." she said. "I'm so glad you did it, what did they have?"

"Antibiotics, painkillers, morphine... Some stuff I don't even know what's for but we grabbed anyway, better safe than sorry I guess..." he said, getting the bag from Stephanie, opening it and showing the bottles. "And this." he said, handing her an asthma pump.

"Oh thank God they had one of these!" she said, grabbing it as soon as she landed eyes on it. "Here, Matthew... Open your mouth."

Matthew reached his arms for the pump and put it on his mouth. He pressed it a couple of times, before he slowly started to breath properly again. He wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and breathed still heavily, but properly.

"T-Thank you, man..." he said, weakly. "I... I thought I was a goner for sure... Thanks for risking your life for me..."

"Don't sweat it, Matthew. I'd do it again if I needed to. For any of you." Pete said, smiling as he patted Matthew's shoulder.

"He needs some rest, I'll be watching him in case anything happens..." Jessie said. "Is that cotton on your nose, what happened? Do you want it checked?"

"Yeah, I've noticed it too... Can you please explain what the fuck happened? Why are you avoiding this?" Angela asked.

"Some crazy guy hit him in the face with a brick. Knocked him out." Nate said from the door, leaning against the wall to not let his hurt ankle touch the ground. "He was trying to steal the bag."

"What? How did that happen? I knew this was a bad idea, I felt something... And when I feel something I know it's nothing good... You got attacked!" she hugged Pete again, freaking out before starting to punch him in the chest. "You idiot... I told you..."

"Hey, hey... Ssh... It's alright, I'm fine. Look at me, I'm fine." he said, gently grabbing her arms and making her look at him in the eyes. "I handled it okay? It was nothing serious."

"What happened to this 'crazy guy'? You killed him, right?" Tyrone asked. "I mean the guy fucking hit you in the face with a brick, what else would you do?"

"No, I didn't kill him. I let him go." Pete said.

"You did fucking WHAT!?" Tyrone didn't believe what he just heard. "Are you out of your fucking mind? Did the hit he gave you messed your brains or some shit? Someone attacks you... And you let them go?? What if he followed you here, what if he comes back for the medicine... What if he attacks us again?"

"I let him go." Pete repeated. "It was just a scared kid living alone with his ill father, they weren't in shape of even going outside their apartment... They're not going to attack us Tyrone, I made that sure before leaving them there. If they could, do you think I'd have done this? I'm not dumb."

"I never said you're dumb, I just don't agree with this. You let two people who attacked you go without any form of punishment... And even worse, you bring a guy you just met home!"

"Hey!" Keith protested. "I don't have anywhere else to go!"

"And why is that our problem?"

"The man just lost his best friend, Tyrone." Pete said "After all he's done, I thought this was the least we could do!"

"A lot of us have lost best friends, Pete." Leon said, standing up with Tyrone.

"You don't have to remind ME that, Leon." Pete shot him a glare.

"Shit man, I- I'm sorry... I didn't realize... I didn't mean to... I feel like a total asshole right now."

"Thing is, he's staying here with us. I trust him, Stephanie trusts him and Nate trusts him. If you don't, then fine. But you'll have to deal with it." Pete said, before leaving the room.

Later that day, Keith was alone, sharpening his machete with a knife outside the factory, sitting on the cinderblock. Stephanie walked by, minding her own business until she saw him there. He was staring blankly at the ground and didn't even seem to pay attention on what he was doing.

"You're going to end up chopping your thumbs off if you don't pay attention while you play with knives..." she joked, sitting on the ground next to him.

"Wha- Oh, yeah... Thanks, I just... I just got lost on my thoughts for a little." he said, putting the knife away and looking at his machete against the sunlight. "I think it's good now. Can't let my babe lose the cutting."

"Were you thinking about him? Your friend, that got killed?" she asked him.

"I... Yes. Yes, I was thinking about Shaun." Keith confessed. "You know, people usually blame themselves after they lose a close person but... I don't."

"That's a good thing."

"It would be... If I was actually feeling something right now." he continued. "Shouldn't I be broken by what just happened to him? I mean he was my best friend, like that guy Pete said... Even before this he was pretty much the only person who was actually my friend without wanting anything back. He was always having my back, even when he didn't need to, when he wasn't working anymore... And I don't feel it. And I don't mean I don't feel enough, I mean I feel nothing." he made a pause for a few seconds. "At first I thought it was because of the... adrenaline... That I just needed to keep moving, I didn't have time to feel anything... But now, I still don't feel a thing. I'm not angry, I'm not sad... I don't even feel empty. I feel nothing."

"It's... Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe it's your own way to not let yourself go crazy on this." Steph said. "Maybe you're just ignoring it because you know deep inside that if you let yourself feel something, it'll consume you. We've all lost people close to us, and we all dealt with differently. This is just your way to do it."

"Maybe... But I don't like this. I shouldn't be sheltering this much... At least not this fast. I've never actually lost my family, they could still be out there. Shaun was the first person that mattered to me that I actually see die. I don't want to stop caring about people."

"You don't have to."

Steph got up and kissed Keith in the cheek, before going back inside. The man stood there, red as a tomato not knowing what to do. He moved his hand to where she just kissed and looked back to the door. He gave a quick laugh before grabbing back the knife and starting to sharpen his machete again.

Inside one of the rooms of the factory, Leon and Tyrone were talking alone, away from the others.

"I'm with you on this one. That guy's not to be trusted and I know it." Leon said, referring to Keith. "He just seems so... nice. It gets on my nerves, no one is nice like that without a reason. Not anymore..."

"Do you think he's up to something?" Tyrone asked. "Pete said he came out of nowhere with another guy, I don't buy this shit that they were alone all this time. Here's what I think it's going on: This guy has a crew, and was scouting for them with his friend when he stumbled across our people. Now one of them is dead and the other is here, how long do you think it'll take until they're here, storming the place?"

"You're right. This guy might have saved their lives, but there is no way in Hell he's here without a damn reason. You keep an eye on him, a'ight?"

"Sure thing."

In the room next to the storage, now being used as the medical room, Pete was sit on one of the makeshift beds, having his nose looked by Jessie.

"You're lucky it didn't get any broken bones stuck, or dislocated your nose..." Jessie said, cleaning the blood with some gauze. "That medicine you brought would help, but without any tools, I'd have to put it back in place by myself... And if you had any bone fragments stuck in the cartilage, I wouldn't be able to even remove them..."

"Good thing I got hit by a wimpy little teenager then." Pete said, with a fainting smile. "I'm sorry we didn't have time to grab tools too. We got cornered and-"

"No, it's okay. After all you've done, it would be extremely stupid for me to still complain. I already have all I need here in case something goes wrong thanks to you, I can improvise the tools." she said. "Now... What you need is just keep your head elevated so your blood flows normally into the gauze. You come back here to change it every couple of hours, the bleeding should stop soon."

"Thank you." Pete said, getting up.

"Pete, wait."


"How is your eye doing?"

"It's been better. I don't feel it burning anymore, I got used to only using one eye... It never actually hurt, after they took it off that is. I think a good part of it being this good is on you. Thank you."

"No, thank you." Jessie said after he exited the room. "Okay, Nate you're next. How did you sprained it?" she asked, helping him get in the bed.

"We had to jump the rooftops. I landed badly, fell on it." he answered, embarrassed.

"Not a thing to be ashamed, I'm sure it could have happened to anyone." she said, trying to lighten the boy up. "You did your best out there, I'm sure. You saved Matthew's life."

"Yeah, right..." he mumbled. "They were the ones who did all the work, I was just there to slow them down, to be a liability. Everyone is already worried sick about escaping a herd and getting back in time, and I give them a sprained ankle. It seems like every time I try to help, all I do is make things worse. And that's why no one likes me."

"Everyone likes you, Nate. That's why you're here with us..."

"No. Everyone liked my brother. That's why I'm here. Because my brother died and now I'm their responsibility. It's like they're forced to put up with me because they promised Kurt they'd do it."

Jessie was caught off-guard and didn't know how to reply. She simply continued bathing the ankle in the coldest water they could afford and then bandage it. She then brought a box and put under Nate's leg, elevating the ankle and left the room.

Pete slowly walked upstairs to the sniping area, where he found Angela by herself, rifle in hand, looking at the distance apparently lost in her thoughts. He approached her slowly to not startle her.

"Hey." he called. "Ann, are you okay? You didn't seem so good back there."

"Why do you say that?" she asked, with slight annoyance on her voice.

"Because... Because you think I acted dumb on this situation." he continued.

"Yes. I told you this was going to shit, but you didn't listen me! You never fucking listen to me!" she turned around, raising her voice. "You could have died on this, you almost did, you said it yourself!"

"We can die pretty much anywhere nowadays. It was a risk I was willing to take. I wasn't going to sit around and watch Matthew die! And I didn't go alone, I brought people with me, we were having each other's back."

"You brought a girl we barely know and a kid! And then you came back and brought a complete stranger to our home! And on top of that, you simply let not one, but two people who attacked you go."

"What are you trying to get with this?" Pete asked, getting irritated himself. "This kind of treatment I was expecting from Tyrone... MAYBE Leon, but you?"

"I... I don't know." she admitted, lowering her head. "I don't even know what I'm doing right now. What we're doing right now. All I know is that you are the most important thing to me, you always was. I... I think that just the idea of losing you... It scared me so much I freaked out..."

Angela started to cry, before Pete embraced her in his arms, trying to calm her down. They held each other for a few moments in silence, before he wiped away her tears and they shared a long and passionate kiss.

After they let themselves go, they looked at each other and smiled. However, Angela quickly turned around to face the woods, with an intrigued look on her face, like if she was searching for something.

"What is it?" Pete asked, confused.

"I think I heard a noise. Coming from over there." she said, pointing at the direction of the woods.

"What? Where?" he asked, trying to find something too. "It was probably nothing. Probably a dead one or maybe an animal if we're lucky."

"I don't know... I felt like someone was watching us... I don't like this, Pete." she said. "I have a bad feeling about this, and you know how I am about these..."

Pete squinted his eye, trying to look for anything on the woods, but the nightfall lighting made difficult to spot anything there. He looked back to Angela, concerned before walking back to the stairs.

"Come on, let's get back inside. Let's let Leon get his turn on watch now." he said, signalizing her to follow him.

Before going, Angela gave another look at the woods, it was calm as never seen before, and nothing moved, not even the leaves at the wind. She hesitated for a couple of seconds before dropping the rifle on the beach chair and following him.

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Trivia Edit

  • The name of the episode, Doubts, comes from a series of doubts from many characters on this episode.
    • Leon and Tyrone doubt that Keith is actually a nice person and instead believe he's up to something.
    • Stephanie doubts, to an extent, that Keith is actually emotionless over Shaun's death, believing he's just sheltering himself.
    • Nate doubts that anyone actually like him, saying that they only keep him around because they "have to" and because they "promised Kurt they'd do it".
    • Pete doubts Angela's theory that someone is watching them on the woods, saying it's probably just a zombie or, if they're lucky, an animal.
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