This is the ninth episode and midseason finale of the A New Life Season Three, and the thirty-seventh episode overall.

"Shit's about to go down, Andrew. Are you really sure about this?" asked one of the men, bald and with several face tattoos.

"And am I ever not sure about something?" their leader, Andrew replied.

Outside the factory, the six people waited for someone to come out. In front of them all it was the man named Andrew, considerably tall and strong, patiently waiting, a smirk on his face. Directly behind him, a man with a pale trucker cap and a long scar on his left cheek, impatient.

On his right, the tallest and biggest member of the group, an African-American man with nappy hair, looking rather bored by the situation. On his left, a blonde woman with a green trucker cap, she was incredibly excited by the thought of raiding another group.

Behind everyone else, a long-haired blond man with a Pink Floyd shirt stood, excitedly waving his M4A1 assault rifle around, a big grin on his face. Finally, slightly distant from the others, a bald man with several tattoos on his face and neck, in a mix of the excitement of the lady and the impatience of the man with the cap and scar.

After several minutes, people started appearing from inside the factory. They could be seen between the boards of the windows, all armed with pistols, one or two with submachine guns, and one with a shotgun. The creased metal door opened, and from there exited an one-eyed man with curly brown hair, armed with a Colt Python revolver.

"The bunny got out of his little hole." Andrew widened his smirk even more.

"What the fuck do you want?" Pete harshly asked, raising his revolver, which resulted in the blond and the black man to raise their rifles too, before Andrew intervened.

"Sssh sssh sssh. No need to get all hasty here, fella. We just want to talk to you here, okay?" Andrew said, reaching his arm back and ordering his men to lower their guns. "Now... We'll low our guns, if you lower yours."

"How about you straight up drop them?" Pete suggested, in a smart-ass fashion. The bald man let out a highly uncomfortable laugh, like a hyena's.

"We're not stupid. I can see you have your people all over the windows. We drop our guns, you wipe us out before we can even say 'Jesus Fuck'." Andrew continued with his smirk. "But I want you to know that I dislike violence. I really do. But I can resort to it if needed."

"So that makes two of us." Pete said, lowering his revolver, and signalizing everyone to lower theirs too. "Now... My friends inside have a very happy triggerfinger and a very low patience. So I'd say you tell us what you want now, before someone's finger slip."

"Sure, why not? We want your stuff."

"Our 'stuff'?"

"Look fella, I'm not an idiot, okay? I saw you, the little brat, your boyfriend and his bitch jumping around in Atlanta. You had a big bag full of something I suppose was medicine because you just exited the hospital. You look well fed, so there must be a lot of food in there, too. And like I said, I'm not an idiot. I watched you for a whole damn week, and I'm seeing a lot of guns here now. You have food, medicine and ammo. You have fucking everything, how about sharing some with us?"

"Sharing something with you? Exactly how much you suppose I'd give you."

"How about fucking everything?" the bald man said. His voice was scratchy and probably one of the most uncomfortable voices Pete has ever heard.

"You give us the supplies, and the factory too. I like it, it looks secure, we might make it our new home. And then you get your damn expensive pick-up shit and get the hell out of here." Andrew said.

"I see... And what if we, uh... Object this little offer?"

"Then we'll blow your fucking brains out right here, and then we put a bullet in every each one of your men. Just the men, including the kid. Keep the women alive, we'll need them."

Pete looked at Leon and Keith through one of the windows and licked his lip in tension. They both gave him a stiff look and shook their heads in approval, signalizing they were willing to start shooting.

Up in the sniper area, Angela and Jessie were alone. Through a little gap in the metal boards surrounding the open area, Angela could see what was going on outside, without being seen herself.

"What is going on down there?" Jessie asked, apprehensive and a little scared.

"Pete is talking to that dumbass, but I can't hear them. Idiot didn't even think of looking up here, didn't notice us. I got a clear shot right on the middle of his stupid little eyes, I could take him down right now... But I don't want to fuck this up, maybe if I kill him they'll start shooting and then one of us will get hurt. Should I take the shot or should I wait for an order?"

"How clear is the shot you got?"

"If the asshole move a little bit to the left, I can get the one behind him too. Two with one shot. I really don't know about this one, Jessie. Should I shoot him or not?"

Some tense moments of silence followed, where no one, outside on inside, down or up there said anything, before Jessie finally decided.

"Do it." she said.

"So, how it is, fella? Are we cool on the dea-"

BLAM! With a single shot, Andrew's brains flew all over from the back of his head, and he fell dead to the floor.

"FUCK!" the man in the cap behind him yelled in pain, falling to the ground as well, after the bullet exited from Andrew's head and hit him in the shoulder.

"TAKE FUCKING COVER!" the bald man yelled, as Pete used the few moments where the thugs were dazed to get inside and shut the door.

The people from Andrew's group hurried to hide behind anything they could find, brushes, trees or rocks, as bullets started to rain from both sides. The bald man jumped to the ground behind Andrew, but not before someone managed to shoot him in the leg.

The man that was shot in the shoulder through Andrew remained on the ground. He aimed his rifle at the factory with one arm, and started spraying bullets everywhere while quickly crawling back to the woods.

He realized crawling wasn't good enough and tried to get up and run, but got quickly shot in with a shotgun blast, opening a hole in the middle of his chest and making his cap fly away from his head with the impact. He fell dead to the ground, as Tyrone got down to the ground, quickly reloading his shotgun.

The black man hid behind a tree while lots of submachine bullets flew by fast inches away from him, some he could even feel the gust on his cheeks. When it finally ended, while Keith was reloading the MP5, he got out of his cover and started shooting back at the factory, running for a big rock he could hid behind.

However, before he could reach safety, he was suddenly shot through his throat by a sniper bullet, coming from the second floor. He fell back, hands on his neck trying uselessly to stop the bleeding, before starting choking on his own blood.

Inside the factory, everyone kept shooting, stopping only to duck and reload their weapons. Matthew was on the far east window alongside Nate, both shooting pistol rounds, when suddenly a bullet broke through the glass and the board, flying inches away from Nate's head and hitting him on his left arm, going right through it and exiting through the other side.

"AAAAAAAAARGH! FUCK, I'M HIT! I'M HIT!" he yelled in pain as he fell to the floor, holding his bleeding arm. Sarah looked at him, horrified but unable to move.

"MATTHEW!" Nate yelled as he jumped to the ground to his friends aid, and held his bleeding arm. "Oh my God, you're bleeding!"

"He's going to be fine, kid! It went right through the arm, Jessie will have a look on him when this is over!" Leon yelled, firing three shots at the woman that shot Matthew, hitting one on her hip. "Now you gotta keep shooting back at them!"

"You too Sarah, what are you doing? Do you want to get shot in the fucking head?" Tyrone yelled too.

"S-Sorry... It's just-" she stuttered.

"He's right, he's right!" Matthew yelled, grinding his teeth, still in pain. "I'm going to be fine, just- AAAAARGH! - Just DON'T STOP SHOOTING!"

"Y-Yes!" they both said at the same time, getting back to shoot the thugs.

The bald tattooed men stayed behind Andrew's dead body, with his leg bleeding heavily and with blood still dripping from the back of Andrew's head to his face. He held his leg strongly, ripped some of his shirt and wrapped it as tight as he could without risking getting shot at. Bullets wouldn't stop hitting Andrew's corpse but thanks to his strong build, they couldn't go through him and hit the other man.

"Little shits... Little fucking shits..." he angrily mumbled to himself "This has never happened before... I won't go down like this... Not in a fuckin' million years... Who the fuck do you think you are... WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" he shouted, placing his assault rifle on Andrew's forehead and firing blindly. "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE????"

The blond man, hidden behind a rock, fired his last couple of shots before he ran out of ammo. "Shit!" he whispered, punching the ground in anger. He looked to his left and saw the body of the black man, now dead, still with his loaded gun on his hands.

He looked at it and then back to the factory and thought about it for some seconds, before dropping his own gun and running as fast as he could to the body. However, before he could reach the gun, he was quickly gunned down by several submachine shots to the chest, fired by Keith. Blood poured out of his mouth as he fell to the ground, agonizing.

"This is almost over... There's just two more and they're wounded... Don't stop shooting now..." Pete said, heavily breathing, firing two shots at the wounded woman, who hid behind a tree.

The woman exhaled heavily, weakly holding her gunshot wound. Her hip was bleeding heavily and she realized she would die right there, and even if she survived this wound, it was just her and the bald man left. They couldn't win that and she knew it.

"If this is it... If I'm going to die here... I'm bringing someone down with me." she said, in a weak, but still excited way. "FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YO-" she shouted, stepping out of her cover and firing at the factory, before getting shot in the face with a pistol round.

"I got her!" Nate said watching her body fall, before looking back at Matthew. "I got the one who shot you!"

"Good... Good job, man." Matthew gave him a thumbs up and laughed weakly, that turned into a cough. "I'm okay, I'm okay!" he quickly added, when he saw Sarah trying to drop her gun and run to him. "Ain't a shot in the shoulder that's going to bring me down."

The bald man, the last one standing, continued to shout and fire blindly at the factory for some seconds, before the loud noises of bullets being fired turned into the quiet click that signalized he was out of ammo.

He let go of the gun and turned his face to the sky. He started to giggle, then to chuckle, which then evolved to a laugh that quickly turned into hysterical laughter. He was laughing so hard tears started to roll down his eyes.

Several seconds after the gunshots stopped, the metal door of the factory opened slowly, and Pete got outside. He heard the laughs and calmly walked towards Andrew's corpse. He shoved it aside, kicking it in the face to reveal the bald man, still laughing.

"You fucking idiots..." the man started to say, still laughing his ugly hyena laugh. "All you had to do... Was give away your stuff, and we would let you live..."

Pete kept looking at him, his face didn't move one muscle out of his serious and somewhat monotonous expression. The man continued to laugh insanely at his feet.

"But no... No, no no no no... The one-eyed bitch had to act all tough and shit... Had to have his FUCKING BITCH to shoot him in the head... And now they're all gone... HA HA HA THEY'RE ALL GONE! THEY'RE ALL GONE! HA HA!"

"You disgusting piece of shit." Pete said.

"You're dumb as fuck, man! Do you think your little house is safe? This was a fucking war! A war! That herd you fled from Atlanta, how long do you think you'll have until it shows up here because of this? And when they show up, and when they tear the skin out of your bitch's neck, when they eat that kid's eyes out... It won't matter that you kill us all... Because we'll have won... WE WILL HAVE WON HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

"Shut up." Pete said.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" the man continued laughing.

"I said shut up!" Pete raised his voice

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" the man's laughter echoed in the woods.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Pete shouted, firing the last bullet of his revolver into the man's forehead, killing him. He looked to his empty gun, and then back to the corpse, now a black-haired man with light blue eyes.

"I told you, you like it... Don't try to deny it..." Duncan Green's voice echoed inside Pete's head. "Run away from it all you want, but in the end... You'll always have to do it. And you'll always enjoy doing it."

"You're wrong, Duncan. You're 100%, totally wrong." Pete quietly said to himself. "Get the fuck out of my head, because I'll prove you fucking wrong."

"Pete?" Angela called, from up in the second floor. "Pete, is everything alright?"

"Yeah!" he replied, looking back at the dead man's body, now bald and tattooed again. "Yes, it is!"

To Be Continued...

Cast Edit


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Deaths Edit

  • Andrew - Shot in the head by Angela.
  • Thug #5 - Shot in the shoulder through Andrew's head by Angela, later shot in the chest with a shotgun by Tyrone.
  • Thug #2 - Shot through the throat by Angela, choked on his own blood.
  • Thug #4 - Gunned down by Keith.
  • Thug #3 - Shot in the hip during the gunfight, later shot in the head by Nate.
  • Thug #1 - Shot in the leg during the shootout, later executed by Pete while seemingly going insane.

Trivia Edit

  • Last appearance of Andrew (Alive)
  • Last appearance of the Unnamed Thugs #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 (Alive)
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