This is the first Special Episode of the A New Life series. It takes place before the events of the story and follows an specific character.

Barry slowly woke up with the Sun shining right on his eyes. "What a great way to start the day" he thought to himself as he grumpily rubbed his eyes. He looked around and for a moment didn't recognize where he was, until he looked at the bed he was sleeping and saw a redheaded woman sleeping, her naked body covered only by the bed sheet.

"Oh, right..." Barry mumbled to himself as quiet as he could, trying to not wake the woman up.

He got up nice and slow, trying to not make much noise, as he would be ashamed to wake a woman in such a beautiful and peaceful sleep. Once out of the bed, also naked, Barry looked around for his clothes. He put them and went to the bathroom, where he washed his face.

Birds were calmly singing outside, it shouldn't be later than 7 A.M. right now. The singing irritated Barry greatly, but he managed to control himself from going to the window and scare the birds away, grunting. He opened the medicine cabinet of the sink, found a razor blade and proceeded to shave his beard.

After shaving himself, Barry got downstairs and grabbed a piece of paper and a black pen and wrote her a brief message.

I'm sorry to leave without saying goodbye
but you were so sexy on your sleep
I couldn't force myself to wake you up.
I hope you don't mind,
but I borrowed some money from your wallet.
I need it to... pay stuff.
I hope we meet again someday.
Love, Barry.

Barry exited from the front door and without even looking back, got on his motorcycle and drove away from the neighborhood, while the woman was still on the bed, with a smile on her face.

After about twenty minutes of driving, Barry found himself on the red-light district of Atlanta, driving through the still dark and stinking alleys, dodging homeless people asking him for money and receiving numerous glares from drug dealers and people wearing yellow clothes that he was sure were members of a rival gang.

After some minutes, he parked his bike outside an old warehouse. He could hear stupidly loud Heavy Metal music from the inside, as well as what sounder like two people playing billiard. He banged on the metal door, and a voice yelled from the inside.

"Who the fuck is there!?" asked the man, apparently on his early twenties. He had short black hair, piercings on his eyebrows and a growing mustache.

"It's me, you idiot! Barry!" Barry yelled back, impatient. "Open this fucking door already!"

"Oh, it's Stevie... Sorry, Stevie, we didn't know!" the other man said from the inside. This one had a long brown hair in cornrows, a full beard and a face tattoo. He also had a piercing on his right eyebrow.

"Go fuck yourself, Johnny." Barry replied.

"Come on Dickson, what the fuck are you waiting for? Open the damn door!" Johnny said, hitting Dickson on the shoulder with a little more strength a friend would do.

"Oh, yeah r-right. Sorry, I'm coming!" Dickson said, dropping the pool cue and hurrying to unlock the door. After he opened, he saw Barry's displeased face. "Sorry Barry, but those golden chains bastards are still out there so we couldn't let the door open and-"

"Yeah, I saw the fucks out there. This early, around here... They're up to something." Barry said, walking to the cooler and grabbing a beer, before letting himself fall on the old couch. "Fucking hip hop fags, gangster wannabes... Hey, Jenner, what's up?" he greeted a fellow gang member on the other couch, apparently drunk.

"Good luck with that, Stevie. Jenner's been here even before we showed up, didn't say a word yet." Johnny said. "I think yesterday was too much for the poor old dog."

"I think he hasn't even moved. He grunts and makes some weird noises now and then but other than that, nothing." Dickson added, concerned. "Shouldn't we take him to an hospital or something?"

"For them to arrest him AND us? No, I don't think so, genius." Johnny lashed out on the other man. "He's going to be fine, if the hangover doesn't kill him, that is... How about you, Stevie? I saw you live with that girl yesterday, what was her name again?"


"Grace... Uhhh hoho, Grace! Man that's what I'm talking about!" Johnny laughed hard as he made a series of sexual gestures. "You're a lucky guy, man! I'd kill to get a chance to have those melons right here on my hands... Man that girl is FINE, don't you think that, Dickson?"

"Y-Yeah, she's pretty..."

"Pretty? What are you, gay? Come on man, that girl is one of those girls you see in your dreams man... Or in the pornos, which in my case are pretty much the same thing anyway."

"Leave him alone, asshole." Barry said, tired. "Ash's been a member for one week and you're already giving him shit... Don't you have anything better to do?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Stevens... Did I upset you?" Johnny started to mock him. "Am I being too mean for the Big Bad Biker Monster to take?"

"If I were you, I'd quit the bullshit right now, Johnny." Barry stood up and pulled his Browning Hi-Power pistol out, grabbed Johnny by his collar and pointed it at his face

"You gonna kill me? Go ahead, do it. Like I give a shit."

"G-Guys, stop! You don't have to do this" Ash said, trying to break up the fight.

"Man, shut up. I do what I fucking want, you're not my boss." Johnny replied.

"Yeah, you're right. He's not." another man said, by the door. He was overweight, had balding brown hair, a big scar on his right eye and a full beard. "But I am. And I am telling you two to fucking stop this shit right now, or if you two have such a death wish, I'll go ahead and put a bullet on your heads myself."

"Erick?" Johnny let out in shock.

Barry let go of Johnny and put his gun back on his pants.

"What are you doing here, man? Wasn't you locked up?" Barry asked, surprised to see him there, as the men shook hands.

"Yes, and I got let out today. I got let out today and not even one of you remembered this." Erick said, in a scolding tone that made everyone on the room, even Barry, ashamed. "I had to walk all the way from the prison to here... No one to pick me up. Great sworn loyalty there."

The room was in complete silence for some moments, before it was interrupted by a loud moaning. Jenner fell flat on his sides on the couch.

"What's up with this idiot now?" Erick asked.

"Damned if I knew. Looks like he's been like that since yesterday." Barry said. "But come on Erick, you're free now! Let's not let this little fuck-up of our part spoil this moment. I'm glad you're here with us again, my friend."

"Thanks, Barry. It's good to be back. Believe it or not, I missed you guys. Even you, Johnny." Erick said, chuckling. "Who's this?"

"M-My name is Ash Dickson, sir." Ash stuttered. "My brother was a Burning Skull before me, and they got him. I want to make those ChainZ pay for it, sir."

"He's Damian's young bro. Remember, the one he was always talking about?" Barry said.

"Oh yes, Damian. I remember him, he was a good man. Died a hero, I'll tell you. If you're Damian's brother, than you're more than welcome here, son." Erick said, tapping Ash's shoulder lightly.

"Thanks, sir."

"I ain't no 'sir', son. We're all friends here, just call me Erick."

"R-Right. Thanks, Erick."

"So, what are you going to do now that you're out, Erick?" Johnny asked. "Are we going to teach that bastard Shane a lesson for selling you out?"

"Shane will get what's his just in time, Johnny. No need to hurry. For now, we do what we do best." Erick said, grabbing a beer from the cooler. "We celebrate life, my friends! Barry, turn up the music!"

The four men spent the whole day drinking, playing billiard and darts and arm wrestling, until, when it was already nightfall, they heard banging on the doors. While Ash was on the bathroom, Erick, Barry and Johnny went to see what was going on.

"LET ME IN, PLEASE! PLEASE LET ME IN, I'M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE!" a homeless man screamed for help outside.

"Get lost, loser! Don't you see the sign? This is Burning Skull territory!" Johnny said, disgusted at the man.


The yelling of the homeless man turned into screams of pain, while a ChainZ gang member sunk his teeth into his face, biting a chunk of it out, along with the left eye, kiling him instantly. The gang member continued to feast on the corpse, while the three men backed away from the window.

"What the fuck was that?" Barry asked. "Did you see that, that ChainZ faggot just bit the guy's eye out!"

"What the hell is going on outside?" Johnny said walking around, seemingly in panic.

"I don't know!" Erick replied. "Wait, where's Dickson? And Jenner?"

"What do you mean, Ash went to take a piss, and Jenner is right th-" Barrry pointed at the couch Jenner was in not a minute ago, but it was empty now. Dried blood drops were around it and over the floor, leading directly to the bathroom. "Oh, fuck me..."

"AAAAAAAAAAAH! WHAT THE FUCK, GET AWAY FROM ME! JENNER, WHAT THE FUCK MAN, GET AWAY!" Ash's voice was heard, screaming from inside. After a few seconds, the screams stopped and blood was seeing splatting on the window on top of the door.

"Dickson!" Erick shouted.

Attracted by the now dead man outside and Ash's screams, as well as the loud music, more people started to bang on the door, but not to beg for shelter. They were trying to bring it down.

"What the fuck are we going to do now?" Johnny asked.

"We gotta get out of here, come on!" Barry said, kicking open the back door.

The three men ran as fast as they could to their motorcycles, outrunning the monsters and leaving behind the warehouse right after the front door went down, and also leaving behind two other bikes.

Barry, Johnny and Erick drove for several minutes, dodging more blood thirsty monsters and people begging for help while being torn apart, until they got to the suburbs. Things were apparently calmer there. They stopped to plan.

"I've seen this shit on the movies, man! It's an... an outbreak or some shit, people eating each other..." Johnny started to say "Those really trash movies that pass on the TV... Zombies and stuff, we're fucked! Fucked! Fucke-" he was suddenly interrupted by a shot in between his eyes.

Johnny's dead body hit the floor, while Barry put his gun back on his pants. He looked to Erick with a not amused look.

"Now... Where were we again?" he asked.

"Why the fuck did you do that?" Erick asked, enraged.

"He pissed me off." Barry simply said. "Come on, you'd do the same and you know it."

"Maybe... Anyway, that's not important right now." Erick said. "We need to find out what is going on and what to do."

"We know what is going on, Erick. It's the goddamn end of the world, just like that nutjob from the alley used to say." Barry said. "People are being bitten, infected, and then dying and coming back just to bite and infect even more people. Jenner was one of those... Zombies or whatever the fuck you call them all along. And he killed Dickson."

"And what are we going to do, we're going to just run away?" Erick asked. "Like we did with those people on the highway? People asking, BEGGING our help, and we just kept driving?!" he yelled.

"We need to keep ourselves alive until someone finds a way to sort this shit out, Erick!" Barry replied, also raising his voice. "Do you want to give your own fucking life for people you don't even know? We need to focusing on SURVIVING, Erick! Going out of our way and 'helping people' will slow us down!"

"Say whatever you want, do whatever you want too. I could give two shits about you after this. I might be no saint, and I know that, I was pretty much the Devil on Earth... But even I haven't lost my goddamn humanity yet! People are dying out there! Women! Children! Elders! And I damn right ain't going to just sit here and watch it all happen! Life is giving me a chance to finally do something right with my life, and I'm going to get it. And if you don't agree with me Barry, old friend... You can suck my dick. I'm going back there, and I'm going to do what's right."

Erick and Barry exchanged a last glare to each other, before he turned around and got on his bike, driving off. Barry was left alone there with Johnny's corpse. He gave it a look, the man he just shot in the face. This was different than killing a criminal, he killed someone he knew... Someone he didn't even like, but it still felt wrong.

Barry started to think about Erick's words, and wonder if he was so willing to give away his humanity that fast. He hurried to his bike and turned it on, driving away to the way Erick went, leaving Johnny's body behind, while zombies approached.

Barry drove for hours until he found Erick's motorcycle, parked outside a small underground cafe in Downtown. He parked his own bike and looked for his friend, finally finding him sat on the pavement, crying. It was the first time he saw a tear in Erick's face.

"Erick. Erick!" he shouted. Erick got up and started to walk away without even looking back. "Wait up, wait up! I'm here to talk to you, alright? You're right, man! You're right! I see now, you were totally right! I'm with you man, if you need me for anything, I'm here alright?" the man stopped.

"Really?" he asked. "Because last time I heard you, your last words were 'helping people will slow us down', if I'm not mistaken."

"I was wrong, okay? I'm sorry!" Barry said. He was finding speaking soft and apologizing incredibly hard to do, and struggled to let every word come out of his mouth. "Look man, you're the only friend I have! And that goes both ways, I tell you! Don't walk away on me, man!"

"Jesus Christ, an 'I'm sorry' would have been enough... Since when you're such a pussy?" Erick laughed. He turned around and they both shook hands.

"Why are you here, anyway?" Barry asked.

"I saw two teenagers run inside this cafe earlier. They were being chased by those freaks, so I killed the things for them... I didn't have the guts to go inside to see the two."

Barry tackled the cafe door down and he and Erick entered the building. The first thing Barry saw after he regained his balance was a gun pointed at his face. A black-haired kid was holding it, while a blue-haired girl hid behind the counter, probably his girlfriend.

"Turn around now, or I'll shoot you!" the boy said. "I'm serious, I'll shoot you!"

Barry looked at him, not believing what he just heard. He found the straight to not shoot the kid right there for being an ungrateful little shit, and sighed.

"Listen here, you little shit..." he started.

A few days after the beginning of the outbreak, Barry, Erick and the two kids had put up a camp just outside the city. One day, after coming back for a scavenging trip, Barry found the three fighting against a small group of zombies that had invaded the camp.

"Shit... Erick, Anthony! What the fuck happened?" he yelled, dropping the bag and pulling out his pistol to shoot the zombies.

"Barry?! They just came out of nowhere!" Erick yelled back, hitting the zombie on the face with a shovel, and turning around to see Barry running towards the camp. "Thank God you came back!"

However, he didn't hit the dead hard enough. Right after Erick turned around, it quickly got back and brought him to the ground, biting him on the shoulder. Without balance like if he was just hit on the face by a car, Barry shot the zombie and ran to his friend.

"It's my fault." Barry said to a dying Erick, inside his tent. "It's my fucking fault, if I was here, I could have done something..."

"You did the best you could, man. Don't go blaming yourself." Erick said weakly, but with a smile on his face. "I know my time is up, Barry. I'm not mad that I'm dying, I'm happy I could help someone before the time came..."

"You're not going to make me cry, you old bastard. I didn't cry when my dad died, I'm not going to fucking cry now." Barry said, chuckling to hide his sadness.

"Well your dad was an asshole anyway..." Erick laughed, and then coughed some blood. "You're a good guy, Barry. Just like I was a good guy at the end. Don't matter how much the world or you tell yourself otherwise, remember that you are a good ma-"

Erick stopped in the middle of his sentence and closed his eyes. He stopped breathing and his pulse slowly decreased, until there was none. Barry looked at his gun on the ground, and then to his old friend. He grabbed it and without hesitating, shot him in the forehead.

Just after Barry got out of the tent after shooting Erick, he saw at the distance, a green minivan approaching. He squinted his eyes to see who was driving, but he couldn't tell. All he knew is that it was coming towards the camp. He sighed and smiled for a second, quickly covering it before anyone could see it.

Cast Edit


Also Starring:

Deaths Edit

  • Jenner (Alive) - Unknown causes, most likely bitten by a zombie.
  • Unnamed Homeless Man (Alive) - Bitten on the face by a zombie, left eye ripped out on the process.
  • Ash Dickson (Alive) - Attacked and killed by an undead Jenner.
  • Johnny (Alive) - Shot in the face by Barry for "pissing him off".
  • Erick (Alive and Before Reanimation) - Bitten on the shoulder while defending the camp, died from the fever. Shot in the head by Barry before reanimating on his tent.

Trivia Edit

  • In this special, Barry's last name is revealed to be Stevens.
    • He appears to dislike his last name, seen how Johnny uses a diminutive of it (Stevie) as a way to annoy him.
  • The character of Erick was once planned to be on the main series, either being referenced by Barry or Anthony and Sarah, or as an actual character who would die really early on. This idea was scrapped.
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