This is the sixth episode of the A New Life Season Three and the thirty-fourth episode overall.

Nick grabbed Pete's legs while Keith grabbed his arms. Steph got the bag and opened the door, letting the two men in. They all entered the building and closed the door behind them.

Pete slowly started to regain consciousness. He could feel wet glass under and around him, and hear birds singing in the distance. He took a big sniff and a real good smell filled his nostrils. His head was hurting, but just a little. He slowly opened his eyes and got up.

"W-What the fuck... Where am I-" he mumbled to himself, looking around. He was on a small camp, near a river. A green minivan in the distance sold it out. He was back in the Atlanta Camp. But how?

"Hey bud. Had me worried for a sec back there." A familiar male voice said behind him. Pete turned around to see his old friend, Kurt standing by him. "What's with the funny face? You look like you've seen a ghost or some shit."

"What the... How did I... Nate. Where's Nate, he's hurt!" Pete remembered the fall from the building the boy took.

"Uh... No, he's not... He's with Anthony now." Kurt said, confused. "Pete, are you alright? You're acting really weird, did you get hit on the head by something?"

"Keith... Stephanie... Where are them?"

"You're talking nonsense, man. I don't know any Keith or Stephanie..."

"What the fuck is going on?" Pete grabbed Kurt by his collars, getting him by surprise. It was so sudden that the man couldn't do anything. Pete got closer to his face and looked him straight in his brown eyes and it was then that he realized... He had both his eyes working again. "Tell me what the fuck is going on right now!" he demanded.

"I should have let her shoot your brains all over the floor." Keith said, struggling to not drop Pete's arm and bang his head on the stairway. "If we get there and there is no sick old man, and you try something funny on us, I'll slice your dick off with my babe here. And then I'm going to make you eat it."

"I-I'm not lying, t-trust me!" Nick stuttered, nervous and scared.

"It's hard to trust someone who just knocked our friend out with a brick." Nate said, being helped downstairs by Steph, who had the bag over her shoulders.

"I swear on my mom - God have mercy on her soul - That I'm not bullshitting you. Please, my dad really needs those pills." Nick said.

"If he needs it so much, how about you shut the big mouth and show us where he is?" Steph said with a glare. Nick gulped and nodded as they finally got downstairs.

Back at the factory, in the watch place, Angela looked at the distance worried, looking for any light or motor sound that would come from the Hummer getting back. She looked down and a single tear rolled down her right eye, which she quickly wiped away.

"Hey, you a'ight?" Leon asked from the door. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. Should work on this..."

"I am. Thanks." she simply said, looking back to the road.

"You know you don't have to worry about him, right? He's a tough guy. Ain't nothing getting him down. He's over with it-"

"No, he's not." Angela interrupted him. "It may seem to you that he is over with, but that's just him faking it. I know that man better than anyone else. He can't sleep well at night, and during the day it still eats him from the inside out. I can see it on his face. He just acts like it's not bothering him so people won't think he's lost it. So people can still respect him. So he can still do whatever is better for them. For us."

"Do you really think that?" Leon asked.

"I don't think that." she replied. "I know that. What he's going through, he shouldn't be doing this... Hiding all his pain behind that stupid smile of his... Behind that strong look on his face... I can't imagine what would actually be his face if he let it out... He's suffering with this, more than any of us. And I'm scared, Leon. I'm scared that at some point he's not going to be able to hold it inside himself anymore. That he's just going to snap, let it all out at the same time... God only knows what could happen if he loses his mind..."

The silence that followed was filled by different emotions from both sides. Angela's face was filled with tears, while Leon stopped for some moments to digest what he just heard. He looked at the morning sky and started to reflect it... Was Pete really that shaken by the actions of the past months? Could he actually lose his mind at some point? And if so, what would happen if he did snap?

Leon headed downstairs, still thinking about what Angela just said. He passed through the room where everyone else was. Matthew was being given some water by Jessie, while Sarah and Tyrone talked in the corner. No one noticed him passing by. He went outside and sat on a cinderblock that was lying around, without saying a single word.

"Tell me!" Pete forced Kurt against the van. "How did I get here? What happened to my eye? And WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? I saw your body! You got shot in the neck, and then in the head, and then you got half your body eaten! HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?"

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about! Let me go, shithead! I don't want to hurt you, Pete!" Kurt said, struggling to not get strangled by Pete's arm.

"What the fuck is going on here? Hey Hey HEY!" Pete heard another familiar voice. "You piece of shit!"

Before he could even turn around and check if who he heard was really who he thought it was, Pete was tackled to the ground by a bald man wearing a biker outfit. He tried to break free, but Barry held his hands tight against the ground.

"What the fuck just happened here?" Barry yelled.

"B-Barry?" Pete asked.

"I don't fucking know! He just woke up and started saying bullshit about my brother and people I never heard before... And then when I asked if he was okay, he slammed me against the van and started saying I was dead!" Kurt said, hand on his throat.

"I told you you shouldn't go around bringing anyone to our camp, now look what happened! That's what you get for never fucking listening to me!" Barry said harshly. "Now... You. You're going to tell me exactly what happened, and you won't try anything, or I'll bash your head in against the ground right here, right now."

"You- You can't be here either... You're... You're dead. I saw that bastard kill you right in front of me... I avenged you..." Pete said, getting more and more confused as the time went by.

"You 'avenged' me? Man, I don't know what the fuck you're into, but you have to reduce the dosage." Barry laughed. "In fact, I think you won't need, because when I'm finished with you, you won't be able to use anything."

Barry moved his hands from Pete's wrists to his neck and started applying pressure. Pete tried to get his hands off of him, but Barry was just too strong to force his hands open. He started to get out of breath, and started punching the man's hand to no avail. His face turned purple in a matter of seconds, and everything started fading back to black.

"Here, let's put him on this couch." Steph said, pointing to an old, dusty couch tore down by the most part.

Keith and Nick carefully laid Pete's unconscious body on the couch, making sure that he wouldn't accidentally fall down. Steph laid the medicine bag in a table nearby. She helped Nate to rest his ankle in a chair by the table.

"So... Where is your father? I don't see anyone." Nate said, suspicious.

"He was sleeping when I left him... He's on the other room, I'll go get him. Stay here." Nick said.

"Hey!" Keith called when he started heading towards the room.

"W-What?" Nick asked, more scared than ever. Keith pulled out his machete and placed it in the same table as the bag. He looked at Nick and signalized it with the head, with a menacing look. The boy gulped and hurried to get his father.

"Do you really think he's trying something?" Steph asked.

"You don't?" Keith replied.

"He's just a scared kid, Keith. He wouldn't try anything stupid." she said.

"A scared kid that managed to do THAT." Nate said, pointing to Pete. "I don't like this guy, he's up to something."

The three people went silent for some moments, before Nick was heard from the other room, talking to someone. Suddenly, loud yelling was heard and the sound that seemed to be a hard slap to the face. Soon after, Nick reappeared with a large pink hand mark on his left cheek, pushing a rusty wheelchair with a white-haired man with a mustache sat on it.

"Four people... God damn it, Nick. Can't even get me medicine without fucking it up." the old man said under his breath, shaking his head with his hands on his eyes. "Okay, okay that's enough, you idiot! Do you want to push me inside their mouths?"

"S-Sorry, dad." Nick said, a strong tune of sadness and shame on his voice. His eyes were red, like someone who just broke in tears.

"Shut up, you fucking wimp." the old man grunted. He took a long sigh before turning around to face Steph, Keith and Nate. "Howdy. My name is Jack. I'm sorry for the little... incident my son caused you. I hope he didn't harm any more of you people."

"He didn't." Keith said, crossing his arms with a serious face.

"Good. That would be... bad." Jack said.

"It would." Steph agreed, starting to feel something fishy about the man. She looked at Keith with a raised eyebrow, and got an "I told you" look back.

"Look, I know you must have had a pretty bad first impression of us, but... We're not bad people, okay? The pills for my pain were running dry and I told Nick to go get me some... But I didn't expect the idiot to try to rob people for it!" he looked back to his son, enraged. Nick cried even harder. "Hold your fucking tears, you wimp!"

The three exchanged looks.

"Stop, you're killing him!" Pete heard someone say at the distance. He was barely conscious by now. "Get away from him, what are you doing?!" the man said, pushing Barry aside and helping Pete to his feet.

"What do you think you're doing? I'm protecting us!" Barry said, getting up and getting head-to-head with Pete's savior.

Pete opened his eyes slowly... He could see three figures. One wearing a green cap, that he recognized as Kurt, Barry and another black-haired person, glowing silver piercings on his eyebrows and the smell of coffee and cigarettes that Pete didn't smell for ages.

"Protecting us? Fuck you Barry, nothing justify what you were doing!" Anthony yelled. "You were strangling him to death! That's what you call protection? Because on my book, that's called murder!"

"You don't know shit about what just happened!" Barry said.

"Hey, hey! Fucking stop, you two! I've had enough of your shit, okay?" Kurt said, getting between the two. "Everyday is the same bullshit, you two fight, and fight, and fight! I am the reason this is happening, did you even consider asking ME what to do, Barry?"


"No, you didn't!" Kurt said. "You just tackled him to the ground and then started strangling him! What the fuck kind of 'leader', or 'protector' or whatever the fuck you're calling yourself these days is that?"

"Thank you, Kurt!" Anthony said.

"And you too! All you do is sit around smoking that shitty brand of yours and do nothing to help! Then suddenly shit goes south and you start taking action? What the fuck do you do to contribute, Anthony?"

"Hey, what the fuck man!? I thought I was on your side!"

"SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!" Pete screamed, silencing the three men. "Can someone... Please... Tell me what the fuck is happening? I know this shit isn't real, okay? You can quit the act by now. We abandoned this camp months ago. And it has no-one else in here besides you three... That I KNOW are dead. I saw all of your corpses! I tried to stop you from killing yourself!" he said, pointing at Anthony. "And you got fucking executed by that asshole Jasper... In front of me. I killed the fucker for it. And you got killed by the same fuckhead, when we escaped. Now what the fuck is going on? How can I be seeing all of you in front of me?"

"He got it." Anthony said.

"Faster than I thought, actually..." Barry said, impressed.

"Okay... Let me explain what this is, bud." Kurt said, grabbing Pete by the shoulder. "You got hit in the face by a brick. And then your head hit the floor really hard. It was a really bad fall, man. I got worried you'd be done right there and would be joining us."

"But you didn't die. You just got knocked out... And you broke your nose too, but that's not that bad... I broke mine five times..." Barry said. "You're currently unconscious. You didn't die, but that little bitch got you bad... That's why you're here, and that's why we're here."

"You almost made the passing, dude. We thought about showing up and talking to you one more time... To say thank you for all you've done." said Anthony.

"Thank me? For what? I failed you. I failed you all. I could have stopped all of your deaths, and I didn't. You don't have anything to thank me. You should be giving me shit, not thanking me." Pete said.

"Now that's not true. And it's not how this works either, Pete. When something is meant to happen, it will happen. And you can't do anything to stop it. You couldn't save my life, or Kurt's or Barry's. And that's okay. Because it will happen to everyone, sooner or later." Anthony said.

"It's not about living, Pete. It never was, not even before. Everyone is going to die some day. It's how you choose to live that matters in the end. And so far, I haven't seen any mistakes of your part. Aside from a shitty taste in jobs, that is." Barry said.

"You're always doing the best you can do... And that's amazing because that's what matters. All you can do is give your best at everything... You shouldn't be worrying about us, we're fine. We're in a better place, like we used to say. Just keep doing what you do best. Give your best."

"And I just wanted to say one last thing..." Anthony added. "What you've done for us, we'll remember this forever. Even after we passed, you continue to do stuff for us."

"W-What do you mean...?" Pete asked, really confused now. It was just so much to process in such a few time.

"You're taking care of my brother, man." Kurt said, smiling. "You're making sure people we care about are safe and well. We know that some time they'll be joining us too, but knowing they're well, and living as happy as they can under the circumstances... That's great."

"You're taking care of Sarah, too." Anthony said. "There was those times before that I could already feel her here with me... I was sure she was going to do the same thing I did. But now I look at her and I see that she still wants to live. And that's thanks to you, and to Angela and everyone else down there."

"I didn't realize that..." Pete said, thinking to himself of everything he's done to keep everyone safe. "And how about you, Barry? What did I do for you?"

"Nothing." Barry said, irritated. "Well, I guess you killed that ginger cunt for me. That must count for something."

"Right, what was I expecting..." Pete said.

"Anyway, that was basically it. Time for you to wake up, man. People need you down there." Kurt said. "Goodbye, friend."

Pete nodded, tears rolling down his eyes. As sudden as it could get, everything went black and the next thing he knew is that he was laying on a really uncomfortable place, that appeared to be a couch.

"What I'm trying to say is... Don't get fooled by the stupid actions of his. Believe it or not, he's actually a good kid... Kinda. And he was telling you the truth too. I really need those pills, you won't believe how it hurts if I don't take them. Getting old is a fucking disgrace, I'll tell you." he started rolling his wheelchair around the apartment.

Keith reached for his machete, just in case.

"Your heart gets fucked up, you can't see three feet away, your dick doesn't get up anymore... And everything you do hurt your bones. I can't even walk around anymore, and that's fucking depressing, you feel me? I need to be taking pills everyday. Pills for my heart, pills for my bones, pills for my pressure, pills, pills, pills. Hell I even have to take pills I'm not taking it anymore because they ran out! But the ones for the pain, I need them or I can't go through it... Please, don't turn an old man away."

"I understand your case, Jack." Steph said. "But the thing is... We also need this medicine. We have sick people, too. We need to make sure that everyone is fine all the time... We need them as much as you do."

"W-What? N-No, no no.. Please..." Nick suddenly said. He rushed towards Steph and tried to grab her hand, but she slipped it away. "Don't do this to us, please... I know you came from the hospital, you must have picked everything left there... The streets are all empty believe me, I tried! If you go away, my dad will suffer... I can't see my dad suffer, please... PLEASE..." he was still crying, desperately.

"Get a hold of your self, Nick. You're embarrassing us." Jack said.

"No, dad... No! Don't you get it? If they go away with the pills... The pain won't go away... You'll be feeling it 24 hours a day... I can't let that happen... I can't let my father suffer... Please..."

"Stop... crying... It's annoying." Pete said, sitting down and cleaning the blood out of his nose.

"Pete!" Nate let out with relief.

"For how long have you been listening?" Steph asked.

"Since the old man showed up..." he said, weak. "You said it yourself, we both need this medicine."

Jack started to get irritated and Nick sobbed loudly.

"But they need it more. Yeah, Matthew needs it too, but look at them. They just have each other. I can't do this... Let's give them something, we have plenty."

"Thanks, but don't expect me to go around taking orders from you. I ain't living my home." Jack said.

"Fine, I'm not going to make you. You want to stay, you stay. We're going to give you some painkillers and..." Pete reached for the back of his pants. "This gun. So you can defend yourselves if something happens."

"Pete, are you sure about this?" Steph asked.

"I am. While I was out... I had a dream, I think. People important to me were there. They told me to give my best... Well, this is my best. I can't let these two suffer anymore. Look at them, an old guy and a skinny teenager. They're fucked in this world. We walk away and we might as well be killing them right now."

Pete gave them three bottles of painkillers and put the gun on the table. While the others were getting ready to leave and Nick was in the other room storing the medicine, Jack called him to a corner.

"You're a good kid, I can see that." he whispered. "Doesn't matter the size of the shit this world throws at you... Don't let it change that. Don't let this world change who you are. You may think this is just some corny bullshit from an old man, right? Old people are good at giving away advises they say... But trust me, this one is actually true."

"I know that." he replied." And I won't. Thanks for the advice, 'old man'. I'm sure you are good people too. Take care." both men shook hands.

"You too, son."

"Come on, we have to go now. Matthew is waiting for us!" Steph called from the door.

"I know, I'm coming!" Pete said.

Before closing the door, Pete gave the two men a last look. Nick had the largest smile he ever saw. He wondered how he could be so happy living like that, but that didn't matter.

The four rushed downstairs the fastest they could, and to the street. The herd was still around the hospital, so they hurried to the car as quiet as they could. There was the occasional one or two slow ones that were still behind, but Keith quickly decapitated them with his machete.

When they finally made it to the car, Steph threw the bag on the third row seat and got in the second one with Nate. Keith jumped to the passenger seat, while Pete took the wheel. He turned the key and the engine roared, but the car didn't start.

"Shit." Steph looked back. A few zombies took notice of the roaring.

"Turn it on, quick!" Keith said, also noticing the zombies coming.

"I'm trying, I'm trying!" Pete yelled, turning the key again. Another roar but the car wasn't starting.

"Guys, they saw us! They're coming for us!" Nate yelled, as more zombies turned around and started to slowly walk towards them.

"COME ON YOU PIECE OF SHIT COME OOOOOON!" Pete said, slamming his fist into the wheel as he turned the key for the third time, this time it started. He stepped in the gas pedal as hard as he could, he didn't care about wasting fuel, he just wanted to get out of there. The tires screeched before the car sped up, in the direction of the road leaving Atlanta. "HAHA FUCK YEAH! TAKE THAT, BITCHES!"

Pete noticed the pen-drive on the keychain. He got it free and put it on the car radio. He took a quick look on its tag. "Norman". Where did he hear this name again? In a few seconds, Norman's musics started to play as they drove to the distance.

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Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Jack.
  • This episode marks the reappearance of Anthony, Barry and Kurt after being absent for 25, 13 and 5 episodes, respectively.
  • This is the second episode to feature a dream sequence, the first being Family Matters.
  • The name of this episode references the number of Jack's and Nick's apartment, 3C.
    • However, the scene where the number was shown was cut due to the author feeling the episode already dragged for too long.
  • The last scene, where the song "I'm a Man" by Black Strobe plays while the group escapes Atlanta is a homage to the ending of the second episode of The Walking Dead's Season One, "Guts".
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