A New Day is the pilot episode of the TV show 'Frostfall'.

Story Edit

It all started on a normal morning,it was a nice day.Alex Watterson woke up and he headed to the bathroom,when he just heard his brother Nigel screaming. Alex raced dow the stairs and walked to the garage to go and see what was happening to his brother,and full of desbilief a scared Alex looked at a dead body attacking his brother. Nigel then said "What are you waiting for Alex? Kill the damn thing!",so Alex quickly picked up a shovel from the garage and smashed the zombie into his head,again and again until it didn't move anymore.They put on the TV to see if there was anything about the zombies on the news,but there was no signal.So they went to their neighbors home,they knocked on the door several times but no one opened,so they came in when they saw their neighbors lying dead on the ground.It scared the crap out of Nigel,then they hear a sound,they are looking around them when Alex sais "What could it be?Another one of those dead things?",then they saw someone walking down the stairs,it was the maid,but half of her face was rotten and she had blood all over her.The maid approached the brothers,while they were slowly backing away,then they hit the door,there was nowhere to go so Alex hit the maid in the head with his shovel.They ran outside when they saw that there are hunderds of them walking the street.Nigel then sais "We gotta get out of the city man,fast." Alex responds "No!Not without our freinds.Becca,Duane and Uncle Kenny are still here,we can't leave without 'em.","Okay little brother" sais Nigel.When they finally come at the Costwolds familly home they see Becca's father get bit in his shoulder,his screaming alerts more zombies so they go inside,Alex is glad to see thatt Becca is still alive,but that can't be said about her dad.Nigel sais that Henry is losing blood,and there is no way he could survive.Becca is shocked to see her dad die in front of her but she still doesn't give up,the three of them then go outside only to see that a herd is coming there way.The trio runs as fast as they can to the city plaza in hope that there are survivors there.When they finally came to their destination they see that the city hall is overrun by zombies, the trio loots all the supplies left behind including food,ammo,some guns and more,and then goes back out.When they go outside they see a man getting attacked by zombies,the team tries to save the man just when a zombie sneaks up on him and bites him right in the neck.Then a loud noise is heard a bit further down the road,so the trio heads for the noise.When the team arrives at the source of the loud noise,it seems to be the alarm of the city bank,Becca mentions that she is a client there and she knows the people who work there.They head inside only to be attacked by hunderds of zombies.Then they see someone,the person screams for help as he gets devoured by zombies.Then a man ran to the team and yelled "Nooooo! Whyyyy?!He was just an intern!" Nigel tries to calm him down and asks what happened,when the man says that the alarm was broken again and turned on for no reason,and that attracted the zombies.When the man looks at Becca he recognises her immediatley and says hello,Becca then answers "Hello William! I'm so sorry for your freind.",William then says "It wasn't your fault,you don't need to be sorry.After all I didn't even know him that well,he was just an intern." Becca then asks "Hey? Where is Mr. Briggs?","Dead." answered William,Becca remain silent.After talking a bit more they headed outside when they heard a loud scream.

To Be Continued...

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode was the series pilot.
  • First appearance of Alex Watterson,Becca Costwolds,Nigel Watterson,Henry Costwolds,William,Man and Unnamed Bank Clerk.
  • Last appearance of Henry Costwolds,Man and Unnamed Bank Clerk.

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